Kasser Hosts ‘Atomos’

Kasser Theater and Peak Performances hosted 'Atomos.' It was a show that left audiences wanting more. After all, their performances are of the best quality.

Kasser Theater amazed audiences while hosting ‘Atomos.’

The Alexander Kasser Theater, located on the campus of Montclair State University, is a venue known for hosting a wide variety of different performances. ‘Atomos’ was unlike most because it was using music from a live orchestra in the pit of the theater. The music for this show varied in volume and style which made the show super interesting to watch. The entire performance had a ton of stage fog, which added a level of perception depth. As you entered the theater you were also given 3D glasses, which made the show unlike any dance show that has shown in Kasser for a while.

Beautiful dancer dancing dance ballet contemporary style
© Evgenyatamanenko | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The artists moved with a beautiful combination of modern dance, ballet and free style. The music that had no singing or narration allowed the audience to perceive the story to be anything that they wanted. The backdrop and floor for the performers were three–dimensional shapes. The lighting stayed rather dim for the majority of the performance and, combined with the theatrical haze, it added depth to the dancing.

There were certain parts of the show that had booming bass, which really enticed the audience. Overall, ‘Atomos’ was visually enticing and musically captivating. It was not predictable in the direction that the dancers were going to move or the way the music was going to sound. It consistently kept the audience guessing which is saying a lot in the dance world. Very impressive!

Coming up next at the Kasser Theater is ‘Danceworks,’ starting this weekend. ‘Danceworks’ is presented by Montclair State University’s Department of Theater and Dance, and is sure to be a compelling show! Be sure to make time for this great performance in your busy schedule. You will not be disappointed.

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