Kate Middleton and Moms-in-Style

Kate Middleton still has style.

I came across a picture of Kate Middleton that was been posted onto the StyleList. Scrolling down my Twitter timeline, I noticed AOL Tweeting the picture, saying, “Kate Middleton’s first time out since she and Prince William left the hospital with Prince George.”

The beautiful Kate Middleton sported a casual look as she pushed a shopping cart at a local market on the island of Anglesey. However, there was something about this picture and Kate’s wardrobe that spoke on its own. Aside from the fact she was looking simply beautiful, you wouldn’t be able to tell that she was Prince Williams’ wife. Kate Middleton seemed like many other mommies running errands, looking lovely and proving that she never fails in sending out the message of her genuine, humble simplicity.

Kate Middleton arrives at the Goring Hotel
© Piotr Adamski | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Of course, most moms in the world don’t live a life like the royals, but this in particular is what struck me the most while I looked at this picture. Though Kate Middleton lives with the royals and is married  to Prince William, she treats herself like any other woman in the world. Looking at her, if you didn’t know who she is, you can easily assume she’s a “commoner,” and that’s the beauty of this picture.

 We all know Kate Middleton has a fabulous, classy and elegant taste in fashion, and though she is now a mom, I am certain that won’t change. However, Middleton is not afraid of wearing some jeans and a sweater to run some errands. As seen in the picture, she wore black jeans with a black and white striped sweater, and some comfortable flats that look like the Ralph Lauren Boat Shoes. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Like Kate Middleton, there are many other moms that take on a classy style in clothes, and it doesn’t always have to be over-the-top fabulous (though we know they can rock it). These moms aren’t celebrities, however, though I did think of moms like Salma Hayek, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and others who have maintained a fabulous look after giving birth. More specifically, I thought about moms who wake up every morning to their normal, everyday routines with style.

Rosanna Cabrera and Adriana Polanco, who both reside in Newark, N.J., are two local fashionable moms. Each, with different daily routines, still maintain a glow in their wardrobes. Polanco (mother of two) commutes to New York from New Jersey daily. She then handles home and mommy duties, plus works her time through homework since she is still a full-time student pursuing a Bachelors in Business.

Polanco says, “It’s something natural to dress up in ‘style’ if that’s what you want to call it. Sometimes things just fall into place.”

Cabrera, who is a stay at home mother of two, makes it a part of her day to look beautiful while she runs her errands at home or outside. Though she spends most of her time committed to different activities with her four-year old son and six-month old  daughter, she also naturally puts simple pieces together in her outfit.

However, Cabrera says, “I refuse to go out and not look presentable. It doesn’t take much of woman to look beautiful, even though she is a mother, she has much more reason to strive to look beautiful every morning.” This doesn’t mean moms should go out in their heels to supermarkets, but a simple wardrobe can be worn in a such a way to keep that classy-mommy look wherever you go.

There’s a time and place for everything they say, yet it doesn’t really matter who you are: sometimes elegance and class resides inside of a woman and is simply part of her like leaves to a tree, whether you are living with royalty or not.

Photos courtesy of StyleList and Instagram.

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