‘Keanu’ Review

‘Keanu’ might be Key and Peele’s silver screen attempt at a political statement, even though it's all because of a kitten, and it’s hilarious.

Dynamic duo Key and Peele bring their humor to the big screen with ‘Keanu.’

Photo courtesy of Steven Zang.

Adorability can be both a blessing a curse. Just ask the byproducts of a hit Comedy Central show and a mass agenda of comedic cameos: Key and Peele.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are a package deal, more than the usual Hollywood norm. Their comedic elements are the reason for their fair share of social media buzz. Hence, it only makes sense that, in their tag-team’s  theatrical debut, they brought in another noteworthy subject of internet buzz: kittens.

Keanu follows unique cousins Clarence and Rell, two of the least qualified people to associate themselves with the likes of thugs and criminals. Nevertheless, when a drug lord’s feline escapes within the confines of his home, the broken-hearted Rell appoints the kitten with the name “Keanu.” Clarence, in an attempt to follow more of his own instincts, helps Rell track down the furry friend in the aftermath of a residential shake-up. From there on out, the two relatives dig themselves a deeper and deeper grave, gaining the attention of a dangerous crew of misfits called the “Blips.”

Key and Peele’s brainchild might appear far-fetched to a certain degree. A kitten in the midst of a narcotic empire? Two suburban screw-ups working their way to the top of the criminal chain? Sure, it’s a stretch. Then again, it’s a comedy. Furthermore, Keanu does an effective job at making it appear completely and strangely probable, which makes the hero’s journey even more hilarious.

Additionally, contrary to what a synopsis might imply, this action comedy proves itself to know what it’s up against. Keegan and Jordan make it abundantly transparent early on that their film goes farther than just several stitched-up vignettes. The cinematography is structured beautifully, the soundtrack adds emphasis to its punch-lines (George Michael, anyone?) and the cast is unbelievably on-point from start to finish. In other words, Keanu truly understands that it’s not a 5-minute sketch on a basic cable network.

Keanu was filled with twists and turns that I was not expecting, and lots of cute camera shots of the kitten,” said Jantzen Rogalski, both a Wayne resident and persistent fan on anything comedy. “Though the humor was different from their Comedy Central show, Key and Peele still did what they do best, and that’s making people laugh. I would highly recommend.”

Overall, it might play with sensitive topics and might not be for the faint of heart. Yet, director Peter Atencio follows through with Key and Peele’s crazy concepts for the better, making Keanu into a 100-minute thrill ride with laughs to spare, plots to twists and characters to fall in love with (just like the two comedians behind it).

Keanu is now playing in movie theaters everywhere! Some local venues include AMC Clifton Commons 16, AMC Loews Wayne 14 and even AMC Essex Green 9 in West Orange. For a list of even more theaters and show-times, visit fandango.com today.

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