Keiki Explorers Accept MFEE’s Challenge

Keiki Explorers returns to the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence's Amazing Fundracer challenge this year, with their eyes on the prize.

Keiki Explorers is prepared to compete in MFEE’s Fundracer.

Keiki Explorers
Scott Delaney on the left and Rich Gazzillo on the right. Photo courtesy of Keiki Explorers.

The Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence Amazing Fundracer 2017 combines two things Richard Gazzillo loves: supporting Montclair schools and adventure races. Gazzillo is currently in the process of getting a partner for the race, another staff member of Keiki Explorers summer camp.

Nahum Prasarn, a Latin teacher at Renaissance Middle School, created Team Keiki (named after Keiki Explores Summer Camp) in 2016. Prasarn and Gazzillo run Keiki Explorers Camp together.

Gazillo is an employee of Montclair Public Schools himself. He is a sixth grade math teacher at Renaissance at RAND middle school. He heard about the MFEE event through an ad at his school last year. Gazillo is from Middletown, N.J.

“I decided to get involved to first help raise money for the Montclair schools. The MFEE does so much to help the schools in Montclair. And second, becasue I love 5k and adventure races,” said Gazillo.

Keiki Explorers finished 32 in the Amazing Race last year. Gazillo and Keiki’s Explores are going for the gold this year. They have been training hard for the MFEE race all year. Gazillo is preparing for the race by lifting at the gym three times a week, biking several times a week and studying maps of Montclair.

“My favorite thing about Montclair is the people I get to work with at Renaissance at RAND and Keiki, who are some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to work with and can call friends,” said Gazillo.

Keiki Explorers is an adventure day camp for ages eight to 11. The 2017 Keiki Explorers Club Summer Schedule includes a treasure hunt, park visits and other adventurous activities that encourage growth through experience.

Keiki Explorers would like to improve on last year’s finish. Gazillo hopes that since this is fundraiser will benefit Montclair Public Schools, the MFEE will consider investing in Smart boards or chromebooks for Montclair schools.

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