KellyMarie Braun of TMD Graduates

KellyMarie Braun explains how Montclair State University and ‘The Montclair Dispatch’ shaped her to strive in her future.

KellyMarie Braun talks graduation!

kellymarie braun
Photo courtesy of KellyMarie Braun.

Graduation is here and hundreds of students are about to transition from college life to the real world – including one of The Montclair Dispatch’s very own Kellymarie Braun.

Braun is a Montclair State University graduating senior and writer for The Montclair Dispatch. She 22 years old and comes to Montclair from Toms River, N.J. with a passion for TV and journalism. Braun is graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Television and Digital Media with a concentration in Television Production. Her dream job is to be an anchor/reporter for a major news network. In her downtime, she enjoys shopping, working, roller blading, hanging out with friends and going fishing with her boyfriend. She shared some exciting things regarding her thoughts on graduating along with future plans and how Montclair State University and TMD helped her prepare for her future.

Q: What are your feelings about graduating?

A: I am very excited to graduate because I am looking forward to my next journey. Although I’m going to miss MSU, the friends I made, teachers who I look up to, etc. I am excited because I have accomplished so much at MSU and am excited to accomplish much more.

Q: What’s next on your journey after graduation?

A: Starting this September, I will be attending the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University next semester in “Reporting the Nation & New York in Multimedia” graduate program. I will earn my Master’s Degree at NYU by December 2017.

Q: Do you feel that Montclair State University prepared you for taking your next steps?

A: I absolutely feel that MSU prepared me to take my next step towards pursuing my Master’s Degree at NYU because I have learned so much throughout my four years at MSU. If it weren’t for the classes I took, the teachers I had and the opportunities I were given due to MSU, I don’t think I would have been prepared enough to be even accepted into the prestigious program at NYU. With the help of my letters of recommendation and my resume, I would not be one of the 13 out of 700+ applicants accepted into NYU’s program.

Q: How has The Montclair Dispatch helped and shaped you for your career path?

A: TMD has helped me and shaped me for my career path because I was able to exercise my writing skills and interviewing skills that taught me so much. I found out about TMD because I received an email from Catherine Baxter on an opportunity to be an intern for TMD. Usually, whenever I saw those emails I would just pass by them or delete them because I already am so busy. But for some reason, I took initiative, emailed Catherine and now here I am. I am so thankful for the opportunities that TMD has given me because they have shaped me into a better writer and reporter.

Q: What kind of advice can you offer to future writers for The Montclair Dispatch and other newspapers?

A: The advice I would say is just do it! For TMD, it’s just one submission a week. That’s just a few hours a week out of your time and not only does it build your resume and portfolio, but it teaches you so much and exercises your writing skills and it’s such a great opportunity that any aspiring writer/reporter should take advantage of.

The Montclair Dispatch would like to congratulate all graduating seniors and wishes them all the best of luck in their future endeavors! If you’re interested in writing for TMD, please contact us about internships and job opportunities.

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