‘Krapp’s Last Tape’ Review

‘Krapp’s Last Tape’ at Monclair State University's Alexander Kasser Theater gets five stars. The performance was more than just entertaining!

 ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’ was a hit performance.

krapp's last tape
Photo courtesy of Peak Performances.

Peak Performances brought yet another high quality performance to Montclair State University with the American premiere of Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett.

Krapp’s Last Tape is a one-act play that is based directly on Beckett’s own personal experiences. The show incorporates elements from all walks of his life including his successes, his failures, love life, drinking, etc. and puts into perspective the direction in which things could have gone for him.

Krapp’s Last Tape took place on the center of the stage, where it was brightly lit; meanwhile, the surrounding stage presence was taken up by darkness. Krapp, played by Robert Wilson, sat at a desk listening to old tapes. This view on the performance represented Krapp as being trapped inside of his own head.  

Audience member of Krapp’s Last Tape, Katie Meece said, “Seeing that the performance remained faithful to the author’s intentions while being creative within its structure seemed challenging and invigorating, but watching this talented and driven performer really kept me on my toes.”

Wilson was immensely committed to his part, so much so that it seemed like his own personal experiences were being portrayed. He not only fully encompassed this role, but did it with extreme passion to build a strong connection with the audience.

Robert Wilson is an experimental stage director and playwright. He has also worked with choreography, painting, sculpting, performing/acting and more. He has been both nominated for and won over a dozen awards for his work ranging from “Outstanding Director” to the “Pulitzer Prize for Drama” as well as the Oliver Award for “Best New Opera.” This goes to show that, once again, Peak Performances never fails to bring some of the best performances to the Montclair community.

“This may be one of the absolute most amazing shows that I have ever seen at Montclair State,” said MSU student Jessie Anton. “Having personal experience with a theater background and a minor in acting, I can honestly say that I was overwhelmingly excited to see it come to life here in Montclair. Although it certainly surpassed my personal expectations, I believe that the talent brought to this community never ceases to amaze its audiences.”

Overall, Krapp’s Last Tape was definitely put together very well and the story itself is truly one of a kind. The performance pleased all audiences and left them speechless from beginning to end. For more outstanding and breathtaking performances, you can visit peakperfs.org for more information on dates, times and tickets.

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