Les Brers Is Ready to Rock The Wellmont

Montclair eagerly anticipates a night at the Wellmont on Oct. 13, when Les Brers will bring a revitalized energy to classic Allman Brothers Band songs.

Les Brers comes to the Wellmont Theater!

les brers
Photo courtesy of LiveNation.

For fans of The Allman Brothers Band, Oct. 13 is a date to remember. Les Brers, a rock band formed from the musical remnants and endless chemistry of The Allman Brothers band, is coming for a night of music, rhythm and trademark charm.

In 2014, the timeless Allman Brothers Band was disbanded, much to the dismay of the large population of followers they had around the globe. Fortunately, drummer Butch Trucks decided to form a new band in 2015, originally billed as Butch Trucks and Very Special Friends before changing the name to Les Brers (“Les” is “the” in French, and “Brer” is English slang for “brother,” forming The Brothers). The band performed at several festivals in 2015, showcasing a lineup that was capable of forming nostalgic productions that were reminiscent of the unforgettable 40 years The Allman Brothers Band had together.

The Allman Brothers Band had over 20 members through the years, which gave Butch Trucks, a founding member of the band, a wide array of proven musicians to choose from. For his venture with Les Brers, Trucks included the entire Allman Brothers Band rhythm section, consisting of original founder Jaimoe, Marc Quinones, Oteil Burbridge and Jack Pearson. Also included is Jack Bergeson, Bruce Katz and Lamar Williams, Jr. Each musician in Les Brers has a solidified and cohesive perception of what the sound of the band should be, as has become clear at their shows at Wanee Festival and Peach Music Festival.

Trucks, now 68, seems to have a passion for music that manifests itself in a ceaseless energy to please the many fans he has across the country. He believes that there is a “magic” when music is being played, something he can’t turn away from.

The band typically plays Allman Brothers’ favorite: a mix of songs that crowds love, songs that mean something to the band and songs that example the rich southern culture that Allman Brothers music was formed out of. While there are no plans for the band to release an original album, the band injects a refreshing originality into songs that could have easily fallen stale after so long.

Les Brers concert at The Wellmont is one of many excellent shows this fall. The coveted venue is hosting a wide array of acts, from comedians such as Jim Gaffigan to musical shows such as Dark Star Orchestra. Get your tickets for Les Brers show and many more at www.wellmontheater.com, or call 973-783-9500. The Wellmont Theatre is located at 5 Seymour St. in Montclair, N.J. Parking for the venue can be found in the parking lot next to the theater.

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