Lupe Fiasco Lyrically Amazed

Rap artist, Lupe Fiasco, should be recognized for the great capability of constructing deep and subtle verses poetically.

Lupe Fiasco spoke volumes through his reeling performance. 

lupe fiasco
Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.

Lupe Fiasco opened the show with his first album that was released in 2006, Muhammad Walks. His song, “Kick Push,” featuring Pharrell Wiliams, was the start of his journey to stardom. As he performed each song, the audience showed their love and support for his music as they all sang along. He continued to perform more hits from various other albums and mixtapes. Fiasco constantly made the effort to pump up the crowd.

“I love how he prioritized his audience and ensured that we were all having a great time,” said Pia Leiba, a fan who attended Fiasco’s concert.

The convenience of having multiple bars at the Wellmont Theater is absolutely great as one can enjoy beverages, all while listening to the powerful lyrics of Lupe Fiasco. The staff was extremely friendly and ensured safely protocols were met by providing wristbands for people of legal age drinking by verifying identification as well as having security guards in and out of the venue.

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For upcoming events, please visit The Wellmont Theater. As you scroll through the schedule, there’s an event that’s simply awaiting for you to embark. To view more photos of the concert by Scott Kennedy, please click here.

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