Lupe Fiasco Touched the Sky

While months remain until Lupe Fiasco’s fifth album “Tetsuo and Youth” is released in early 2014, he’s out on a preview tour that recently hit Montclair, N.J. on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Lupe Fiasco’s fans were blown away with his preview tour.

With Lupe Fiasco on tour, other rising artists are contributing to the opening act—Stalley, Mickey Factz, Boy Illinois and Dee-1. A few eager fans, with cups of beers on their hands, were scattered around the Wellmont Theater floor area before the stage, but there was much space left to move around.

Stalley was the first one to appear on stage, followed by Mickey Factz, Boy Illionis and Dee-1, but after an hour and half long of performances, fans started to shout, “Lu-pe! Lu-pe! Lu-pe!” demanding him to come out. By then the first floor area of the theatre was pretty full and the question was: when will Lupe Fiasco start performing?

Wellmont Theatre
Photo courtesy of Kiara Estevez.

Lights went out and the set began to get ready while the lights went on and off and the enormous screen set on stage lights up with a shot of the universe.  Not too long after came out the anticipated rapper from Chicago, Ill. Dressed in a black t-shirt under a black leather jacket, a black cap with “drogas” (Spanish for drugs) printed on it and a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses, Fiasco welcomed his audience. His fashion wardrobe definitely made a statement—Lupe Fiasco’s music is like “drogas.”

The screen lit up again and we saw an old jukebox and a set of tapes. At this moment his new single “Old School Love” began playing and the rapper started rapping, bobbing his head to the beat and facing his audience.

The crowd was awoken and elevated to live energy as they heard the lyrics make its way into Fiasco’s mic, through the speakers, on to their ears and out of their mouths at the very same time. They’re rapping with him; they knew the songs. They were there for him and they gave him a warm welcome to Jersey as they raised their hands and bopped their heads to the beat.

Lupe Fiasco stopped and opened his arms and said, “Thank you for being here tonight,” and continued to awesome old school music, with an old school mic, while he performed some of the songs on “Food & Liquor II.”

As promised, two of his new songs on his upcoming album were performed: “Crack” and “Drizzy’s Law.” “Drizzy’s Law” seemed to stand out and get the most reaction.

Lupe Fiasco
Photo courtesy of Kiara Estevez.

Lupe Fiasco picked up their vigor and dynamism when he blasted “Touch the Sky.”  He moved as his body swayed to each beat in his performance. The beat moved the crowd; they started jumping and moving their hands in the air and they didn’t come down for a while. He brought them back to the Fiasco, that according to him, we know him for.

Fully engaged fans were then again rapping word for word other tracks from past albums. Lupe Fiasco then sent a notice for the music to be cut off and gave the mic to a fan in front of the stage. The guy didn’t fail him, and he continued to rap each word that followed in the song.  Fiasco smiled at his appreciative fans that showed they were on top of things with his lyrics. A girl waived in request to tell him something and he granted her the opportunity to speak. She asked for a particular track to be played and Lupe apologized and said, “I’ll be playing something else to end the show.” He ended the show with “Daydreamin’,” and his fans didn’t let him finish alone.

The Wellmont is set to rock on Dec. 27 with headliners Slightly Stoopid. Tickets are on sale now starting at $25, but fans are encouraged to get them while they still can!


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