MadLab LLC Brings Modernity to Montclair

Petia Morozov, owner of MadLab, brings contemporary design and sustainability to her architectural approach.

Find an architectural firm that is unafraid to stray from tradition with MadLab.

madlab llc
Sheephill Residence. Photo courtesy of MadLab LLC

MadLab LLC is the design and build firm that is shaking things up in Montclair. Although located in a historical neighborhood, the company is all about the modern and contemporary vision. MadLab utilizes a team of architecture and engineering experts to create everything from home designs to lighting installations.

MadLab‘s clients include arts and civic organizations, cultural and educational institutions, entrepreneurs, industrial and research partners and private homeowners. An example of their work in Montclair includes Amanti Vino.

The co-owner of MadLab, Petia Morozov, is a Montclair native who began her business through word of mouth. After studying in NJIT, she decided to bring her experience back home. “We’re like the anomaly here in town since most architectural firms are, because of the housing stock, more suited to the early homes built in the 1900s,” said Morozov. “We are the alternative. We work with clients who may have Tudor or colonial style homes and are interested in modernizing their interiors.”

One of the most particular things about MadLab is its home. The team uses a space open for visitation to all curious clients that was built for both the design and construction phases of their work. It is a room that is constantly morphing with shifting inspiration.

Amanti Vino
Amanti Vino. Photo courtesy of MadLab LLC.


“When we moved from Bloomfield Ave. to this spot, [8 Hartley Street Unit 2 Montclair NJ] we entered a plumbing supply outfit with these 15 foot ceilings,” stated Morozov. “It was covered from top to bottom with raw materials that had been collected by the previous owner. This was really like candy to a baby as architects. It was astonishing to find such an incredible collection of milled lumber – oaks, cherries, maples – particularly high grade material if used in the right way.” The building space is open to all team members throughout the day. According to Morozov, her team isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty with new build ideas.

As a mother and architect, Morozov brings her concern for the environment to all of her work. “I do believe every architect should be environmentally responsible,” said Morozov.  “Those of us in the building industry are the single highest contributor to our landfills. We should think about that in regards to design and space. We don’t tell people we are green, MadLab just takes that approach in all of our work.”

Morozov is hopeful for the MadLab’s future in town as she’s witnessed a lot of room for development. “I’ve seen Montclair go through a lot and I can say there is definitely more enthusiasm to experiment through design in restaurants and retail,” said Morozov. “We’d like to turn it all the way up. We’re ready to show off what we can do.”

To learn more about MadLab LLC, visit their official website at or call to set up a consultation appointment at 973-233-9296.

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