Masters of Illusion: Believe the Impossible

Purchase a ticket to witness the magic tricks of the Masters of Illusion, where you'll begin to believe in the impossible, at the Wellmont Theater.

The Wellmont Theater is proud to present the Masters of Illusion as seen on the CW!

masters of illusion
Photo courtesy of LiveNation.

If you’re a fan of the Masters of Illusion and wish you could witness all the tricks they have up their sleeves, don’t worry as The Wellmont Theater has you covered! Visit the venue on Thurs. Oct. 6 at 8 P.M.!

The hit television series and largest magic touring show in the world, Masters of Illusion, can’t wait to spreading their magic LIVE to all audience goers. Yes, you read that right, LIVE! There will be no camera tricks, no computer graphics; simply amazing illusions in real time.

There is nothing better than experiencing a magic show in person. One can expect to see grand illusions, levitating women, appearances and vanishes, escapes, comedy magic, sleight of hand and beautiful dancers; practically everything you could possibly ever imagine as well as performances that you never dreamt possible. All of this is accessible by simply attend the event!

“I’ve never been to a magic show as great as the Masters of Illusion, so my expectations for this event is pretty high. It’s kind of hard to believe in something that you normally see through a box, so to be able to experience it in a live theater, the dynamics  of the magic tricks could be surreal.” said Angela Pangilinan, intrigued prospect.

The Wellmont Theater is located on 5 Seymour St. in Montclair, N.J. and can be best contacted 973-783-9500. Regular box office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. Tickets for Masters of Illusion can be purchased through LiveNation.

Parking is available, courtesy of Montclair Parking. They have parking lots located at:

  • 7 North Willow St.
  • 19 North Fullerton Ave. at the Chase Bank
  • 159 Glenridge Ave. at the YMCA
  • 172 Glenridge Ave. (corner of Glenridge Ave and North Willow St.

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