‘Me Before You’ Review

Based on the novel by the same title, ‘Me Before You’ follows a story of true friendship.

‘Me Before You’ is a definite tear-jerker!

me before you
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Schieder.

More often than not, films based on popular novels are disappointments to book fans, as they tend to change or even leave out key character and story elements. This was not the case, however with Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You, as she also wrote the screenplay. Book fans are still being drawn to the theater because of this unique trait surrounding the film.

Me Before You follows a blooming romance between the wealthy banker, Will Traynor and his caregiver, Louisa Clark.  After becoming paralyzed in an accident, Traynor, now confined to a wheelchair and clinically depressed, finds happiness and friendship in Clark. The two form a beautiful bond, which heartbreakingly must face whether or not one should put himself before their partner.

“When I first heard about Me Before You, I was so excited to see it because the book was great,” said fan, Lindsay Del Duke. “It’s a great movie to see with your best friends.”

The film starred Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) as Louisa Clark and Sam Claflin (Hunger Games) as Will Traynor. Both delivered stunning and very natural performances under the direction of newbie, Thea Sharrock. Me Before You is inspirational to those fighting an internal battle, as the film exemplifies how love can lift even the darkest of spirits.

“I chose to see this movie because I heard that it was better than Fault In Our Stars, which is one of my favorites,” said Montclair State University student, Laura Vergona. “I’m a big fan of sappy love movies!”

Me Before You places a big emphasis on the fact that we may not always agree with the choices our loved ones make. The film shows that in tough times, a strong support system is the best medicine anyone can get. Janet McTeer (Insurgent) proves just this with her role as Camilla Traynor, Will’s mother. While she has her own opinion of what is best for her adult son, she ultimately provides him with unconditional love despite his life-altering decision.

If you’re a fan of romantic dramas, then you are sure to enjoy Me Before You! It is the perfect movie for that much needed girls’ night out, but be sure to bring your tissues! This film is now playing in theaters everywhere, so be sure to visit fandango.com for more information and show times. Don’t forget to check out AMC Starplex in Ridgefield Park and their reclining seats!

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