Metal Cutting Corp. Delivers Precision

The Metal Cutting Corporation combines precision and technology to give you the cutting edge. Their constant growth of machinery is like no other.

Metal Cutting Corporation hits their mark.

Metal Cutting Corporation is a corporation that continues to outgrow their space and expand their machinery, now residing in a 52,000 square-foot facility in Cedar Grove. With over 45 years of experience and 46 accessible machines, Metal Cutting will manufacture burr-free parts from all metals.

Welder welding metal in workshop with sparks
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It believes that no job is too big or too small for their experts strive to deliver precision. Cutting metal is conducive for industries requiring work on things such as medical devices, auto-motives, electronics, bio-technologies, semiconductors, aerospace, fiber-optics and electrical equipment.

Get exactly what you want, with no cutting outside the lines. Precise cutting, grinding, lapping, polishing and machining will be in the hands of the skilled workers at Metal Cutting, no dotted lines needed. Working fast and working burr-free, abrasive and EDM cut-off machines will bring you a cut above normal.

Burr-free is the way of Metal Cutting. A burr is a small cutting tool and without the burr, the cutting becomes without the heat or the damaging effects on delicate metal. Metal Cutting meets the technical times and uses burr-free as a way to maximize perfection. Whether the metal cutting calls for square-ness, a tightened or shortened length or a change in speed, the abrasive cut-off machine can handle any size or type of metal. Whether pins, probes or other high volume, small diameter, solid metal parts, the EDM cut-off machine will reproduce parts without the damaging effects repeatedly.

It specializes in tungsten and molybdenum, working with these wire and rod products since 1967. They were the first metals Metal Cutting worked with and due to the ability to produce high inventory, they can accommodate your quota and price range. Believe in the wisdom of age and believe in their gold-plated metal with pride of contaminant-free 99.999% pure tungsten wire. Trust in the Quality System Certification stamp of approval for Metal Cutting Corporation and contact the company for a quote today at

Metal Cutting can be reached by phone at 973-239-1100 or fax at 973-239-6651. Stop in at their location at 89 Commerce Road in Cedar Grove, N.J. and see what Metal Cutting can do for you!

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