MFEE 2016: Come Participate

MFEE strives to better the Montclair Public Schools and you can help by participating in the 2016 Amazing Fundracer on Sun. May 22!

Other than running, find out how you can participate in MFEE’s 2016 Amazing Fundracer!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for MFEE’s 25th anniversary of funding for Montclair Public Schools! The 2016 Fundracer will be held on Sun. May 22.  Although the teams are locked in, there are still many ways to participate. For one, you can support a team. Find out if your family, friends, and/co-workers are embarking this journey of impacting our future generation. Donations are always accepted, please click here to do so. Remember, all are welcome to this event so come cheer the teams on at 1 P.M. at Nishuane Park. If you’re not looking forward breaking a sweat, don’t worry. Join the after party held at Egan & Son’s. Tickets are being sold at $20, please click here.

MFEE is also proud to announce their newest interns, Aidan Stoddard and Kwame Morris. The two MHS seniors are sharing their undeniable love for the race. The youth participation is such a great sight to see. “Growing up in Montclair, I was able to take advantage of stellar learning opportunities and never felt as though I wasn’t being given the highest level of education. Organizations like MFEE really make it so students in Montclair, have the best learning materials at their disposal, enabling them to find their individual passions.” said Kwame Morris “To be honest, I am specifically excited about the actual race aspect of this year fundraiser – that will be fun.”

Enjoy the featured clip displaying the epic support for MFEE’s 2016 Amazing Fundracer! For more information, please visit the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence website or call 973-509-4021.

Check out the MHS teams below and donate what you can today. All proceeds help MFEE and bring out the best in the Montclair Public Schools.

Chiseled and Hammered. Photo courtesy of MFEE.

Ah, the Dream Team: Roberts Haas and Dan Roberts. MHS Carpentry guru, Haas, has the MacGyver-like ability to build masterpieces out of scraps. And assistant football coach Roberts has the brawn and finesse to sweet-talk, or bulldoze, his way past any team. Watch out!

Click here to donate to Chiseled and Hammered!

“While I cannot take credit for the name, once I was approached with the name it immediately stuck and became what we are all about. Even though we haven’t identified who is Chiseled and who is Hammered, the team name speaks volumes and we’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. As for the race, my energetic partner Mr. Haas approached me one day with the idea and once he said it was for MFEE he didn’t need to say anymore. As he put it in our conversation, he ‘answered the call for greatness!’  As a coach and employee with the Montclair School district, the MFEE has provided numerous contributions to students, staff and the community. For me, [I have seen] all the contributions the MFEE has provided the Mounties Football team as well as other sports organizations over the years. The decision to compete in this wonderful event was an easy one to make. The Fundracer means another opportunity to raise money for a great organization, continue excellent community involvement and provide a little friendly competition among peers,” said Roberts.

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