MFEE 2016: Countdown Continues

MFEE is truly excited and as high hopes for their 2016 Amazing Fundracer! They strongly believe that with the support, they impact Montclair Public Schools.

Generously support MFEE in the race to funding Montclair Public Schools!

As the countdown continues for Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence‘s Amazing Fundracer on Sun. May 22, prepare a remarkable event! Teams who have graciously volunteered to race include brave MHS teachers, staff members, local non-profits, businesses, firefighters, police, Montclair Business Improvement District, and so much more! It’s inspiring to know how much support there is behind this event. The race can be considered a “snack-size” version of the Amazing Race, minus the $1 million prize and world-wide travel, but just as fun!

It will challenge teams on foot and by bike, completing a series of challenges to earn clues that will lead them to the next undisclosed location.  Teams will be eliminated along the way, culminating in a climactic final challenge between the top four teams and then a heated sprint to the finish line at Egan & Son’s!

Although the deadline for teams has passed, there are still many ways to participate. Donate to the teams, sign up to volunteer or buy tickets to the after-party at

Check out the MHS teams below and donate what you can today. All proceeds help MFEE and bring out the best in the Montclair Public Schools.

The Justice League. Photo courtesy of MFEE.

Racing for truth, justice and all those rights…especially bragging right, Jeff Freeman and Jacqui Lubitz will take no prisoners in this race. Veteran teachers in the MHS Center for Social Justice, they know a thing or two about strategizing and building alliances. Keep an eye on these two!

Give Power to the Justice League!

Click here to donate to the Justice League.

“We have been working together in the Center for Social Justice for over 10 years.  At a public display of learning several years ago a student of ours designed t-shirts with with caricatures of all the CSJ teachers as Justice League superheros.  It seemed natural for us to keep the tale going!  We think the Fundracer will be a fun way to support a community which has supported us for so long – and to give our students something to laugh at… or with… or at…” said Lubitz, MHS Teacher.

The Reign of Raney. Photo courtesy of MFEE.

Perhaps the most benevolent reign known at MHS – or the world. CGI teachers Anne Baney and Kate Rettig, affectionately named by their students as Team Raney. govern their students with love and compassion. But don’t underestimate their competitive spirit. They’re looking to rule this race.

Help the Reign of Raney Rule!

Click here to donate to The Reign of Raney.

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