MFEE 2016: The Race is On

You've all been waiting for the epic MFEE 2016's Amazing Fundracer! Wait no longer, because it's happening this Sun. May 22! Hope you enjoy.

Don’t forget to attend MFEE’s 2016 Amazing Fundracer that will surely bring the whole town together!

Come out and support the town of Montclair in MFEE’s 2016 Amazing Fundracer. The event will benefit Montclair Public Schools, allowing students to obtain the best outlets of enhancing their lifelong career. With the support of donations

For more information, please visit the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence website or call 973-509-4021.

Check out the MHS teams below and donate what you can today. All proceeds help MFEE and bring out the best in the Montclair Public Schools.

Gneiss Girls. Photo courtesy of MFEE.

These spunky MHS Geoscience teachers are certainly GNEISS (rock lingo pronounced “nice”), but they are fiercely competitive! Just look at their ferocious sweatshirts.

They are grateful for funds that MFEE provided the entire MHS Geoscience department this year, and they are racing to raise additional resources to improve student learning.

They won’t take any teams’ schist at the race, so please donate to them today!

Click here to donate the Gneiss Girls!

“We are a team of Geoscience Teachers at Montclair High School. Our background in Geology helped us create our team name ‘Gneiss Girls’ ( a type of rock pronounced ‘nice’). We decided to support the MFEE because we were lucky enough to receive a generous grant from the MFEE that has helped us provide a more hands on, enhanced education in the classroom. This race is important to us because we would love to pay it forward; we want to help support the MFEE for all they do for us and will continue to do for educators of Montclair,” said Anita Trajkovska.
Bonnie and Clyde. Photo courtesy of MFEE.

Officers Kim Nelson and Tyrone Williams are just as cunning and savvy as the infamous outlaws – but they will use their power for good as they raise funds for the Montclair schools.

As current/past School Resource Officers of MHS who give much of their time to support students in and out of school, these two have hearts of gold.

Click here to donate to Bonnie and Clyde!

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