Michael Carbonaro Came to Impress

Michael Carbonaro made a pit stop in Montclair on his North American tour, delighting audiences with his captivating magic tricks and amiable persona.

Michael Carbonaro at the Wellmont Theater.

michael carbonaro
Photo courtesy of Phoenix Herring.

The Wellmont Theater was packed on Thursday evening, where people of all ages gathered together to witness some of the spectacular talents of Michael Carbonaro, magician, actor and host of truTV’s hit series The Carbonaro Effect. Carbonaro was able to enchant audience members through a number of different illusions, in which he was able to bring audience members—young and old—up onto the stage to give him a helping hand. He additionally showed highlights from his TV series, triggering eruptions of laughter from the seats.

“I want to become a great magician just like him when I grow up,!” said Spencer, a 9-year-old Montclair resident.

The tricks that Carbonaro performed ranged from simpler card tricks to more unbelievable tricks, such as making a tattoo with a random audience member’s name magically appear. He dedicated equal time to addressing both the younger and older audiences, thus designing a show that was perfect for family members who were looking to plan a night of fun for everyone. Carbonaro’s stage presence was nothing short of charming, as he demonstrated how humorous and congenial he was in his interactions with the children and adults he invited into the spotlight.

When showing some of the more popular clips from his television series, audience members were unable to control their laughter in seeing the priceless reactions of individuals once he reveals that they’re being filmed on a hidden camera show.

The last clip that Carbonaro showed definitely received the best feedback from audience members. It displayed him and a woman inspecting some specimen that he claimed were found at the site of an alleged meteor crash, including this obscure looking pod. When the pod had fallen in a bucket water and swelled up in size, Carbonaro was able to crack the pod in half to find spider-like creatures inside, leaving the woman completely dumbfounded. Then these creatures magically turned into kittens, which added to the bewilderment she was also experiencing. Once he finally revealed his true identity, and the fact that she was on a hidden camera reality TV show, she could not control her laughter at the events that just followed.

The geniality with which Carbonaro carried himself was infectious, producing great energy and delight throughout the entire audience. He demonstrated that he was not only passionate about magic, but also about getting his viewers to laugh. Carbonaro is dedicated to providing wholesome and enjoyable entertainment for individuals of any background.

Carbonaro closed out the evening with an “intimate performance” in which he covered himself in shaving cream while listening to classical music. He explained to audience members that this was something he used to do when he was eight years old, and was always looking for a way to turn it into a performance piece.

“After all of the magic tricks he had just performed… I think that was the most unexpected turn of the evening. I could barely stop laughing,” said Cindy, a Verona-resident and huge fan of The Carbonaro Effect.

Michael Carbonaro’s many talents left audience members smiling and contented after an enthralling night of tricks, jokes and laughs shared amongst all.

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