Mierop Design

Mierop Design offers clients custom landscape services, including consultation, design and installation.

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Mierop Design
Photo courtesy of Lisa Mierop.

If you are looking for some great landscaping advice, look no further than Mierop Design. Mierop Design offers a complete range of custom landscape services: consultation, design, installation even outdoor furniture layouts and specifications. Mierop Design primarily northern New Jersey locations.

According to its website, “Mierop Design is an award-winning landscape design/build business based in downtown Montclair, [N.J.] We offer a complete range of design and contracting services to add beauty and value to your home – from perennial garden planning to complete landscape makeovers.”

“I am a long time resident of Montclair and originally gardened here as an amateur,” said Lisa Mierop, owner of Mierop Designs. “My own property gained notice when I entered it in a design competition in Garden Design Magazine. I won The Grand Prize Golden Trowel and that publicity launched my business.”

Mierop has excellent personal experience in designing her own garden over a 16 year period. “I did most of the work myself and was able to witness first-hand what worked and didn’t work in the light and soil conditions of this area,” said Mierop. “In addition I did go back to school and have earned multiple certifications in Gardening and Landscape Design.”

Mierop Design works year round either doing construction or over the winter designing and estimating for spring of next year. Mierop uses site signs in high traffic areas, which are the best indicators of significant projects that are underway.

Mierop Design has built its reputation over the last 20 years for its creativity, taste level, superior craftsmanship and customer service. “As a Montclair resident, I also share ties with ties to this community as a homeowner,” said Mierop.

Mierop works alongside other Montclair residents, adding to the successful businesses in the area. “My partner Frank Contey (Terra Graphics) and I have created a retail presence on Walnut Street which makes us highly visible,” said Mierop. “We sell outdoor furnishings and accessories at our boutique, plus handy gardening items for the landscape enthusiasts.”

Aside from her work in landscaping and the boutique, Mierop also has a role as a writer. “I’m writing a monthly blog called The Suburban Lot, discussing topics related to the unique opportunities and challenges of suburban landscape. This can be accessed through my website: mieropdesign.com.”

In addition to providing access to Mierop’s blog, visit the Mierop Design website to see a portfolio as well as before and after shots of the beautiful work that has been done by the company.

mierop design
Photo courtesy of Lisa Mierop.

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