Montclair Beach Club

Montclair Beach Club has a rich history that also embodies a town of spirit, passion, and positivity.

Montclair Beach Club is still thriving in its 85th year of existence.

montclair beach club
Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

For a town steeped in tradition and suburban passion, it does not get more sacred than Montclair Beach Club. While there are many pools and clubs to choose from in Montclair, no place has served residents of Montclair so faithfully for so long. This pool, restaurant and all around summery space has been part of Montclair for longer than most people can remember.

The family-owned swim club has been part of the town since 1931, when Charles E. Cole founded the Montclair Swimming Pool out of a horse farm he had purchased. The pool has always been located on the Montclair/Clifton border, at 725 Grove St. For many years, the pool served as a public swim spot for all who sweltered in the Jersey summer heat, until Cole’s son, Quentin, bought the pool and veered it towards the more private entity that it is today. In 1952, Montclair Beach Club was formed.

The Club is a magnificent place. Its facilities and amenities have kept families entertained and happy for generations. Montclair Beach Club includes a 50 by 25 yard adult pool, two children’s pools, diving boards, a snack bar, shuffleboard courts, tennis courts and over 200 parking spaces for patrons, amongst other things.

On top of this, the Montclair Beach Club also holds social events and activities for people to enjoy throughout the summer. On the Fourth of July, the Club holds swim races for children amongst other sources of entertainment. The day after, the Club held a family cookout with dancing, music and a DJ. This shows the commitment to positivity and reliability that the family-owned beach club has.

One of the best things about Montclair Beach Club is the variation in age of the patrons. Some people have been going for 40 years, whereas some are just having their first summer in the kiddy pool. It is Montclair, new and old.

montclair beach club
Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

Caroline Miller, a lifeguard at Montclair Beach Club, has working at the pool for four summers, and only had good things to say about her fellow employees. “I work with a great group of lifeguards and other staff, and it’s always a fun time,” said Miller.

It is clear Miller shares the same passion for summer and poolside activity that most Montclair Beach Club members share: “There are always people to chat with and a group for everyone. It’s great to see young kids learn how to swim, families having a barbecue or elders playing a game of cards.”

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