Montclair Book Center

Montclair Book Center offers a large selection of printed books, vinyl records, and much more for you to enjoy during your free time.

Montclair Book Center serves the community 

Are you interested in purchasing a book or vinyl record? If so, the Montclair Book Center is the place for you! The Montclair Book Center has been apart of the Montclair since late 1984, proudly serving the community with a huge selection of books that range from classic literature to popular fiction as well as collector’s items. When they first opened, the Montclair Book Center was on a much smaller scale, but has grown largely since, now including 10,000 square feet of three levels and two buildings full of books.

The Montclair Book Center offers a wide variety of printed books, but that’s not all. They also carry a wide selection of vinyl records and CDs in a huge range of musical genres. The book center recently expanded their vinyl selection which now includes an upstairs storefront. The store also carries greeting cards, music-related posters, t-shirts, memorabilia and journals.

What’s special about the Montclair Book Center is that they carry a wide variety of books that are both new and used. The store is great for browsing considering that each section is organized by category, which makes it also extremely easy to find a book in whatever genre you are interested in.

montclair book center
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“I love coming into the store with friends who love reading as much as me,” said student and Montclair resident Jennifer Aignst. “It’s a really nice atmosphere, so I encourage people who love reading to come here and check it out.”

The Montclair Book Center was just recently voted as The Best Indie Bookstore of New Jersey in 2014 by NJ Monthly. This is no shock, considering this bookstore is widely known and liked by people all around the state.

If you are an avid book lover, the Montclair Book Center might just be your new hotspot.  The center receives deliveries of hundreds of great new books daily, which often features many new releases discounted and at half price.

At the Montclair Book Center, you can also do more than just buy books. You have the opportunity to do what they call “buy and trade.” This means that you can sell or trade books, but only if the book reaches the bookstore’s protocol. The center doesn’t accept books such as damaged books, school books, reference books, magazines, etc. Some books that might qualify for cash are art and photography books, classic literature, fiction, philosophy and theology. The Montclair Book Center also takes books for donation and books that they cannot sell are given to a worthy charity.

If you are interested in learning more about The Montclair Book Center or checking out the place for yourself, you can reach them at 973-783-3630 or by address at 221 Glenridge Avenue, just off Bloomfield Avenue.

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