Montclair Pop-Up Market

The Montclair Pop-Up Outdoor Market was packed with talented entrepreneurs and artists selling their unique trade. Get to know the innovative creators below.

More Montclair Pop-Up markets are on the way!

The Montclair Pop-Up Outdoor Market has given shopaholics a seasonal reason to binge for two consecutive years. This past Saturday, June 20, it was back in full allure at 85 Walnut Street, hosting 16 vendors as well as four musical acts of the Montclair Make Music weekend.

The Montclair Pop-Up Market is a fresh-air bazaar that spotlights artists of the area. Despite the rain (and to spite the rain), I browsed the impressive array of handcrafted furniture, home accessories, jewelry, pottery, dolls, and yoga equipment. The collection was eclectic and distinctive. I was in awe at the skill and ingenuity the crafts revealed of their artisans.

montclair pop up
Weber Art & Jewelry creates an interactive shop for children and adults. Photo by Kate Van Frank.

The innovative owner and artist of Weber Art & Jewelry Debbie McCollum said, “A lot of hard work and passion for your craft goes into an artisan market like this.” She’s referring to her interactive art display when she explained, “Having the kids interact with my designs was so uplifting, and it really made me smile.” The creation allowed children to color McCollum’s black and white illustrations while their parents shopped at her tent. The kids were enthralled, demonstrating the power that art has in our lives. McCollum’s handmade jewelry and brightly colored prints convey a deep sense of peace and connection with universal energy. You can view more of her work at

montclair pop up
Bunny. Photo by Kate Van Frank.

Nancy DelloMonaco is the owner and artist of Stitch Witch Me, an extraordinary brand of one-of-a-kind dolls “for children young and old.” They’re odd and beautiful, like Bunny, whose face is printed with a pink flower. The doll named LouAnne has dreadlocks speckled with bold ribbons, and she wears a hand-knit scarf and dress. She’d make a good friend for Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas. Each doll is uniquely named, “It gives them character, and you can adopt them,” says DelloMonaco. “My kids said if I didn’t name them, they didn’t exist.” You can find ingenious dolls of Stitch Witch Me on Etsy at

Montclair Made displayed crafts that are fun, eco-friendly, and meticulously handmade. These included vintage sheet music garlands, gift tags cut from antique sewing patterns, and wine and tote bags made of “plarn” (plastic bags recycled into yarn). I was impressed by the craftsmanship, especially of the bird ornaments, which are made from repurposed tea towels. The quality of work is impeccable while maintaining that hand-made charm. Montclair Made can be found at Besides selling her unique wares, Montclair Made owner and artist Claire Cohen offers DIY demonstrations and workshops. One of the most popular is how to fashion balls of plarn and knit them into your own creations.

montclair pop up
Jewelry by Nitjuan Designs. Photo by Kate Van Frank.

Nitjuan Designs is a brand that unites art, fashion, and good vibes. Juanita, owner and artist behind Nitjuan Designs said the creations are “handcrafted wearable art…infused with loving Reiki energy.” Juanita is a Reiki master who makes jewelry from precious and semi-precious stones and metals, as well as beads and wire. Her healing energy goes into what she makes and is transferred to the purchaser. Juanita has a talent for proportion and dramatic effect. Even her large-scale earrings and stone necklaces portray delicate beauty. Take a look at

By now, you’re sure to feel a touch of regret if you’d missed Saturday’s market, but not to fear, Montclair Pop-Up has three more events on the way! The upcoming artisanal markets will be held August 26 and October 10. On September 19, they will host a global fair-trade social action day that promises to be exciting and informative. If you just simply can’t wait until August to get your hands on these special merchandise, pay a visit to their online stores listed above.

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