Montclair Red Hawks Take On Times Square Challenge

Montclair State student team designed a video to promote the Feliciano School of Business, featured in Times Square N.Y.C.

Feliciano School of Business encourages innovation with Times Square Challenge.

Times Square Challenge
Photo courtesy of Dan Fedkenheuer.

The Feliciano School of Business Times Square Challenge connected Montclair students with the opportunity to innovate in the real world. Students had to design an advertisement to showcase Montclair State’s Feliciano Center in Manhattan’s center. The winning commercial details Rocky the Red Hawk’s “zero-to-hero” story through his journey at the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State. It promotes the business school’s values: making connections, getting involved and gaining experience.

“Basically, we wanted the ad to reflect that all your business aspirations can come true at Montclair,” said Dan Fedkenheuer, Marketing Major at Montclair State and part of the winning Feliciano Times Square Challenge team. Students from different Montclair colleges made up Fedkenheuer’s team. Some of Fedkenheuer’s teammates included Erin Blake, Chris Giuseppini, Sana Ajaj, Jake Ruggiero and Mike Lutes. The winning team  produced and filmed their idea on the Montclair State campus.

The commercial ran four times every hour. It appeared on the billboard diagonally across from the TKTS ticket center through April 2.

The Feliciano family won the  Times Square advertisement space at a silent auction. Their dedication to Montclair State and The Feliciano School of Business yielded the Feliciano Times Square Challenge. Feliciano Center Dean Greg Cant, dedicated to his student’s development, decided to open the opportunity to the school. Montclair State students competed to design and produce a commercial to fill the ad space. The 30-second video had to promote the Feliciano School of Business as a hub for innovation, close to New York City.

Times Square Challenge
Photo courtesy of Dan Fedkenheuer.

The first interest meeting occurred in Dec. 2015. Students formed groups and collaborated to prepare for the March deadline. Fedkenheuer watched as his idea grew with every meeting. He worked hard, connected with teammates and watched a dozen other people help bring his concept to life. The billboard debuted in Times Square on March 27 2017.

“I would Photoshop storyboards in my bedroom with no one else around. It was amazing to watch it come to life,” said Fedkenheuer.

Fedkenheuer’s parents both attended Montclair State College in the 1980’s. Fedkenheuer said one of the best parts of the experience was seeing his parent’s proud faces as they gazed up at the Times Square billboard. Although the process was long, the reward was worth it.

“Hi, mom and dad!” Fedkenheuer exclaimed.

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