Mountie Pride Fun Run 2016 Review

The fourth annual Mountie Pride Fun Run 2016 that took place on Sun. Sept. 25 was one for the books as there were 475 runners and a plethora of supporters.

Mountie Pride Fun Run consisted of a 5K/1 mile walk!

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The Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence, MFEE, held it 4th annual Fun Run on Sat. Sept. 25.  Under a clear deep blue sky the gun went off at 1:09:14 pm sending 475 runners surging forward in a hail of flying elbows in the 5K run / 1 mile walk. The initial surge of runners was lead by the fastest members of the MHS track team each trying to outpace each other off the line.

mountie pride fun run
Principal James Earle and his students are proud to be a Mountie! Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.
mountie pride fun run
Let the race begin! Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.

Linda Bowers the lead organizer said that an additional 100 fans and volunteers rounded out the successful day of fundraising netting $14,000.00 to be used by the MFEE in it mission to support Montclair High School Athletics. In addition to the run/walk there was a community pavilion where 30 MHS clubs and teams and sponsors had the opportunity to present themselves to the community.

mountie pride fun run
Mountie cheerleaders exuded pride and spirit. Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.


mountie pride fun run
Runners had tattoos to show off their spirit as they prepared for the run. Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.
mountie pride fun run
Mountie soccer girls are all smiles! Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.
mountie pride fun run
Parabolic Performance & Rehab were helping out the runners. Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.

“The Mountie Pride Fun Run has been a terrific event, almost like a pep rally, to kick off the athletic year. The Fun Run helps supports a number of important initiatives that provide the all important “extras” for ALL of our athletic programs and physical education classes,” says Jeff Gannon, Assistant Principal, Athletics and Activities for Montclair High School. “Our gratitude for the organizers and volunteers of the Fun Run is boundless. Their selflessness is what helps us create valued experiences for the students-athletes.”

The only race winner that was given at press time was MHS student, Allie Pintado-Urbanc and Middle School Lucas Dia. Spirit Award Winners are: Nishuane School’s “Team Eder,” MHS Athletic Council, and MHS Track and Cross-Country Teams.

The 2016 Mountie Pride Race Sponsors are: The Montclair Dispatch, Partners for Health Foundation and Verizon Wireless. Additional sponsors can be found on the MFEE Fun Run’s website here.

mountie pride fun run
Photo courtesy of Mountie Pride Fun Run.

Linda Bowers of MFEE had time to spare for a quick Q&A:

Q: How many runners did you have registered?
A: 275 pre-registered, approx 200 additional at the event. Total 475

Q: How many participants in your village?
A: Community Pavilion! 30 MHS clubs, teams and sponsors

Q: What was your estimate of the total turnout for the event?
A: Probably 100 additional fans and volunteers in the Community Pavilion, so 575 total at the event.

Q: Who were the winners and place holders in the respective categories?
A: Race results will be posted on our Facebook page very soon.

Q: As a fundraiser for the MFEE how much did you raise?
A: Final tally is not yet in (unless Masiel has it!), but close to $14 K raised this year and over $60K in the event’s 4 year history.

Q: This was your fourth annual , correct?
A: Yes!

Click here for the gallery of Photographs that accompany this article.

Here is a link to the video hosted by the MFEE:

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