Mr. Killion Creates Custom Clothing

Mr. Killion has spent 24 years in retail; now, he provides made-to-measure, affordable and elegant suits for men in Montclair.

New Business,Mr. Killion comes to Montclair.

mr. killion
Photo courtesy of Shaun Killion

Mr. Killion brings his passion for men’s fashion to the Montclair community this holiday season. Killion has worked in retail for the past 24 years. He started his career with Brooks Brothers, where he worked for their custom suit department in Washington, D.C. From there, Killion took his expertise to Men’s Warehouse, where he worked for 16 years. After working with and experiencing private tailors, Killion branched off to form his own business. He set out to create a reasonably priced and custom fit men’s suit. Now, Killion is expanding his business to include a Montclair address.

“There’s no one in Montclair doing what we do,” said Killion. He added that his business works with factories in China and Belgium in order to keep prices affordable. “We work with SCABAL, a Belgium Fabric Company, and Martin Greenfield, a hand-tailoring business.”

Killion aims to bring his knowledge of high-fashion trends and his experienced craftsmanship skills to Montclair. Killion’s business is based around customer service. To make the process as smooth as possible for the client, Killion comes to you. A professional designer arrives at your house or office for measures or fabric, and they take care of the rest. Killion’s business also offers a variety of services and garments. His team will design everything from a casual sport coat for the office to a custom tuxedo for your wedding day.

Killion initially started the tailoring business because he had a hard time finding nice clothing that fit. “Not everyone fits into J-Crew, you know?” said Killion. His work with some of the most successful craftsmen in men’s fashion sparked an idea, and Mr. Killion’s custom tailoring service was created. Killion follows the example set by Ralph Lauren, one of his idols.

“It is my passion to create the best possible experience for my clients. I strive to attend to your every need and possibility within reach,” said Killion. “We can weave your words into fabric.”

Killion’s website,, features pictures of his custom clothing. The website also details the feeling of putting on a perfect suit and lists the services Killion offers. Killion will decide on a property in Montclair by next week. For questions, contact Killion and his team at 718-419-5959 or email

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