MSU Drops SAT Requirements

Hear a Red Hawk's thoughts regarding Montclair State University (MSU) recently getting rid of the SAT admission requirements.

A Red Hawk’s take on SAT requirements at MSU.

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For the first time Montclair State University (MSU) became SAT optional for the upcoming semester for incoming freshmen, and MSU is now the first university in the state to make this change. This move by the college will definitely attract a large group of diverse freshmen to add to the rapidly growing school – especially now with its new, finished science and business school buildings.

Due to the school’s small class sizes, this new development will create a more competitive selection processes when it comes to choosing who gets in, and it also raises the issue of kids with high SAT score possibly being favored than the ones without. Here are some steps to help maybe get that competitive edge without the stress of taking the SAT’s.

The school became SAT optional earlier this year, becoming a part of a growing trend around the country. One of the first and quite obvious requirements for this new standard for MSU is that you have to have graduated high school with a diploma. Additionally, completing certain core classes such as English, math and science are another requirement. Strong recommendation letters will be needed as well, and will need to be written by either teachers or counselors from the school that the student attended. In addition to these letters of recommendation, the applicant will need to send in a well-written and formatted essay that should show why they should be admitted into the college and talk about their strong commitment to extracurricular activities.

According to the school website at, students look favorable on a more challenging class load that they take: “Students are recognized in the admissions process for pursuing a challenging curriculum beyond the minimum required.” These classes can include honors classes, math beyond algebra II and a third to fourth year language class. Probably the most important requirement that the school will be looking at now that you don’t need SAT scores is your high school GPA. The college’s minimum requirement is a 3.20 out of a 4.00 un-weighted grade scale, with addition of challenging courses being taken preferably junior and senior year. That being said, this part of the requirements is most likely the most important and necessary out of all of them if you choose not to take the SAT’s, because this is the only number they have to judge what kind of student you are through statistics.

Montclair State University (MSU) is a great school with many great programs and it is improving every semester to benefit its students. As a MSU student myself, I can speak from personal experience and say that if you choose to go to this school and you believe it’s a good match for you, then you won’t regret your decision. The only personal advice I can give any student getting ready for college is to really go all out your last year of high school and don’t slack off in the last stretch. Colleges do look at your final performance and they can always change their minds on who they want to attend their school.

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