Music Brings Spring to Life

New music isn't easy to find, but it makes outside activities during the spring weather so much more enjoyable; use these applications to help discover new music!

Music is easier to find with these applications.

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Now that spring weather is finally beginning to show (with the exception of these strange past few days), people are starting to daydream about strolls through the park and days spent on the beach. In your coming vacation plans or even just your plans for some morning walks, adding a soundtrack to your background is something that can make or break your mood.

One thing that people find difficult is how to find new sounds that they already know they will enjoy. However, sitting on your computer for a few minutes after work with any of these simple applications and websites will leave your playlists filled with new tunes you’ll be able to enjoy in any situation.

If you have an extensive iTunes library, Genius can be a very useful tool for arranging playlists. Genius is a feature on iTunes that compares the libraries of different users to make compilation of similar songs from your collection. Select the song, and then click the Genius button that resembles an atom, and a list of music instantaneously appears. There is also a Genius button on newer generation iPods, which works in the same way.

Another application, available either through their website or even as a downloaded application, Spotify, is another great program. The free version allows you to access Spotify’s nearly unlimited library of great sound after listening to some ads every few songs. Another great feature Spotify offers is creating a customized playlist of your music, since you can “star” songs and mark that you like them. The best part is that next, you can view suggested playlists of music based off of the songs that you have liked.  Upgrade to the premium version of Spotify at a low monthly rate to event access this music on the go! is another great website and program to use.  A music website founded in the United Kingdom in 2002, uses a music recommender system called “Audioscrobbler.” builds a detailed profile of each user’s musical taste by recording details of the tracks the user listens to, either from Internet radio stations, or the user’s computer or many portable music devices. This program allows the listener to expand his or her knowledge of music rapidly; if you input a popular band, gives a volume of similar, but less popular, music that one may typically overlook.

If applications aren’t your thing, there’s still hope! Take a stroll down Bloomfield Avenue and find yourself at the Montclair Book Center, right off Bloomfield on Glenridge Avenue. Located downstairs is an amazing collection of vinyl records that is sure to suit the needs of any genre-lover. Drop the smartphone and browse the racks to find something new for you!

Discovering new sound is no easy task, but these websites and applications will introduce you to music you might not have been able to find otherwise!

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