New Jersey SEEDS and Goldman Sachs

The New Jersey SEEDS, a nonprofit organization, that is working with Goldman Sachs to fund underprivileged students and their collegiate pursuits.

Goldman Sachs and New Jersey SEEDS team up.

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Don’t let your income affect your education. New Jersey SEEDS has been aiding hundreds of students across the country through academic and guidance programs for higher education since 1992.

A low-income should not deter a motivated, qualified student to further their education. Forget the money struggle that may have been holding you back from a successful future, New Jersey SEEDS ensures that each student will receive 90 to 100 percent of their financial aid with the idea that you are the piece the future cannot risk to exceed.

New Jersey SEEDS is a nonprofit organization that offers three different programs for youth to prepare and strive for long-term success. Young Scholars, a 14-month program in the following summer of fourth or fifth grade is open to the Greater Newark Area. The Scholars Program, a 14-month program in the following summer of seventh grade is open to those who live in New Jersey. The College Preparatory Program, a three-year program following the summer of ninth grade is open to those who are enrolled in a partner high school of SEEDS.

But New Jersey SEEDS, does not invest in just anyone. Students must present a motivation that is deemed worthy of a generous support system. The cost of one year of SEEDS is $15,000, free of charge to the families. By the time students have graduated from college, that $15,000 investment will have leveraged $350,000 in scholarships.

The success of New Jersey SEEDS is possible with the help of both the student and the team of sponsors. Goldman Sachs has been supporting SEEDS both financially and with hands-on volunteer efforts. At the heart of this operation are the SEEDS Trustees, Managing Director of the Security Division, Theo Lubke, as well as SEEDS alumnus and Vice President of High Yield Credit Research, Emmanuel Bello, in addition to several other employees of Goldman Sachs.

Recently, 120 students were able to complete a summer challenge program with the help of Goldman Sachs. Employees of the company and Goldman Sachs Gives allowed these students to complete a “three-week residential academic session on the campus of The Hill School (Pottstown, Pa.),” according a press release by New Jersey SEEDS.

This summer challenge program is the beginning of New Jersey SEEDS’ 14-month scholars program for “motivated, high-achieving students from low-income families.” New Jersey SEEDS places those who complete the program at certain “day and boarding schools across the country with enough financial aid to allow them to attend.”

Beginning at the end of June, students participated in over 100 hours of courses, including math and history. Student were also able to participate in a sporting activity and an elective, including poetry, Chinese and sign language. These extra courses helped ensure that students were being taught to be well-rounded.

Goldman Sachs recognizes the impact of SEEDS and is diving head first into the New Jersey SEEDS’ Scholars Summer Challenge Program. The company raised over $130,000 to provide funding for the upcoming SEEDS class, according to a press release by New Jersey SEEDS. The money was raised through Goldman Sachs Gives and from Goldman employees themselves.

If you want to help the New Jersey SEEDS program, you can find complete information about getting involved and donating by visiting the website at, where the futures of seedlings flourish by way of New Jersey Scholars, Educators, Excellence, Dedication and Success.

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