Normcore Trends Reach Montclair

Normcore is a new trend that offers fashionistas a more laid-back choice, and it's coming to stores in Montclair.

Normcore brings new trends.

Normcore has caused a slight upheaval for those who study fashion. The term came from a group of “trend forecasters” called the K-HOLE based in New York City, who has many of their issues and articles published in New York Times T Magazine.  The term stands for “the desire to be blank”. The trend resembles a style from the late 80’s and early 90’s, and some like to argue that there is a particular way to wear it. Others like to approach it with a “blank” attitude; in other words anything goes as long as you have the basics: comfortable items.

What is about the trend that’s revolutionary, you may ask? Well, check this out. Normcore is meant to give you an opportunity to stand out while not having to empty out your pockets after runway brands. It is a subculture trend that goes beyond brands; it takes street fashion to runways, instead of bringing the runway brand down the street fashion catwalk. Normcore is unique and personal.

Woman buying fashion blue jeans in shop
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Designer Richard Nicoll, who was recently named creative directive of casualwear outfitter Jack Wills said, “Normcore says, ‘I have soul and intelligence. I’m unique and I don’t need to shout about it.’”

The trend is a free-for-all style that allows you to pick and choose what looks hot and still feel good. Long gone are the days where the fashionista was the one with the long fur coat and a luxurious bag talking about glamorous items. Jeans, a cropped t-shirt and some heels can do just fine. Today, fashion welcomes youthful trendsetters, which are constantly refreshing what fashion is all about, tagging it with a whole new definition.

What kind of items does normcore style consist of? Jeans, sneakers, t-shirts and a hoodie maybe. There’s no specific item for this trend. The idea is to look comfortable and confident with a twist. Some approach it with sneakers and mom jeans. Years ago, a fashionista could not be seen in sneakers and mom jeans. Today, these terms are no longer insulting, they are a trend. Mom jeans have soared back into window displays at the mall and in shops down any local avenue. They are now one of the must have items.  And for those who have them already, they can simply pull them out of their closets and join the fashion revolution in style.

The thing that makes us love these two new trends the most is again how comfortable these items are making fashion not only glamorous, but also relaxed. The jeans however, don’t necessarily need to be worn with sneakers, they can be paired up with heels and a blouse and an envelope clutch too for a more chic look; that’s a twist. In fact, mom jeans can be paired with many different pieces for various looks. The normcore trend can be worn up and down for different occasions.

If you are a Montlclair fashionista and would like to pick up some normcore pieces or ideas, you can walk into Urban Outfitters located on 20 S. Park Montclair for an amazing amount of choices. For a different approach, you can also go hunting for some old-school pieces that resemble 80’s and 90’s wear at two of Montclair’s best thrift shops, swapXXchange and Rrefurbish Fashion, which are located on Bloomfield Avenue. Join the normcore trend and be fashionable, yet comfy!

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