Nouveaux Honkies: Innovative Music

As The Nouveaux Honkies return to Montclair, all thanks to Deb and Paul Zimmerman, the duo plans to impact the town with their unique style.

The hard-traveling American duo, Nouveaux Honkies, make their way to Church Street!

The Nouveaux Honkies.
Photo courtesy of The Nouveaux Honkies.

Do you have plans for Saturday, May 14 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.? Enjoy a free outdoor concert on the Church Street main stage in Montclair, N.J. for a performance by The Nouveaux Honkies. This epic performance will be a one night show only! They will be available for album signing and chatting after the event, and of course tips are always welcomed!

The powerful duo comprised of Tim O’Donnell and Rebecca Dawkins has been on the road via RV to chase their true passion of music. Their creatively built RV is high tech, solar powered and equipped with its own espresso bar as well as mini studio, creating total access to infuse their travels into their music. As they travel the south, visiting New Orleans, Nashville, Florida and Austin, they are able to translate their musical connections so eloquently. Their respect and love for one another has definitely set them apart from other musicians.

The Nouveaux Honkies’ music style incorporates a plethora of flavors. Whether it’s influences from Americana blues, country, R&B or Texas swing, whatever genre the band is in the mood  for at that very moment is bound to be amazing. Their recent album, Blues for Country, encompassed a beautiful connection of not only their love for music, but O’Donnell’s whiskey-tinged vocals and Dawkins’ superb harmonies and fiddling. Check out The Nouveaux Honkie’s videos to get a little peek of what a live performance could potentially be like.

They last appeared in Montclair on May 10, 2011 as they performed at Cuban Pete’s. They also performed at the legendary Blue Note Jazz Club New York. To see a list of their upcoming performances, please visit their calendar.

The Nouveaux Honkies
Paul Zimmerman and Tim O’Donnell. Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.

Through generous efforts, this incredible duo, Nouveaux Honkies, have been sponsored by Deb and Paul Zimmerman for quite some time now. The Zimmermans were walking the streets of Port Salerno, Fla., where they heard a wonderful sound about eight years ago. As they stepped into the restaurant, they both were surprised to see two young musicians playing. Ever since, the Zimmermans and Nouveaux Honkies were inseparable.

“I am very excited that the Nouveaux Honkies’ schedule allows them to visit Montclair. They are one of the best duos in the country.  They are extremely entertaining and very enjoyable to watch and listen to,” said Paul Zimmerman. “They are extremely talented, hard working, drug free and fun to be with.  They are very special people. I know they will be in the big time lime light soon.  I want to enjoy them as much as I can before that happens.  I like to think of the Honkies as gifted musicians who actually make their instruments talk, rather than the majority of the so-called musicians who simply bang their instruments, whom I call instrument bangers.  Tim actually makes a lot of his own guitars; he picks the strings with magical fingers. Make sure you wait for them to play ‘Another Like You.'”

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