Outdoor Store Has Everything

Located in the bustling suburban hub that is downtown Montclair, The Outdoor Store can be visited at 30A Church St. in Montclair.

The Outdoor Store is a favorite for those Montclair residents that have an affinity for the great outdoors.

outdoor store
Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

For those that are more inclined to explore and engulf themselves in nature, the suburban lifestyle that Montclair provides can be stifling and, in some respects, boring. As somebody that loves to hike and climb, I can understand a frustration at being stuck in a suburban town, 20 minutes from New York City, with no mountains or forests in sight.

Luckily for like-minded Montclair residents, The Outdoor Store is able to provide some relief from the constant glamour and comfort brands that inhabit Montclair windows.

The Outdoor Store was opened in 1993, and its goal is to provide “footwear, apparel and gear made for hiking, trail running, backpacking and travel.” The Outdoor Store boasts some of the best brands in the business. From the increasingly popular Patagonia to practical North Face windbreakers, and from Leatherman tools to Barbour jackets, The Outdoor Store is the place to go for all outdoor needs.

The Outdoor Store itself breathes an air of adventure. The store is almost filled to the brim with accessories and apparel that you need for a journey or adventure, and the merchandise is complimented by beautiful artworks depicting grassy outdoor plains and mountains. You get the sense that you’re buying from people that love the same things you do. This is important because many of the people looking to buy in The Outdoor Store need things that will be reliable and of good quality. In the middle of the woods, with rain hammering down, all you have is how well your windbreaker keeps out the water.

A friend and avid hiker and adventurer, Jackson Tomchek, from Montclair, spoke highly of The Outdoor Store and why it’s where he buys anything he needs. “When I started to get into hiking and climbing, I knew I could visit The Outdoor Store for everything I’d need,” said Tomchek. “It was more than that when I went. It encouraged me to go out and explore and travel. Eventually, I stopped going to most other stores. The practicality and quality of the stuff they sell is kind of unbeatable. I could buy a Patagonia jacket that looks great at a casual dinner but also keeps me from freezing halfway up a trail.”

If you can’t make it to Montclair, The Outdoor Store has a great website (www.outdoornj.com) where you can purchase whatever you need. The site is easy to navigate and is chock full of the great gear you the store has to offer. The website includes descriptions of each staff member, furthering the inclusivity of the establishment. The staff are welcoming and helpful, so as the weather warms up, if you ever feel like going on an adventure, The Outdoor Store should be your first stop.

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