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The venue was filled with talent from Jann Klose, Lipbone Redding, Rebecca Jordan and Sierra Noble on May 17 as four thriving artists got on stage to give the audience a sample of their music. A well put-together show really proves itself through the audience, and this show was another success for Outpost in the Burbs.

Sit down and enjoy a glass of wine and see what Outpost has to offer.

Before the show, a wine tasting was hosted for guests over 21 from Angelbeck’s Wine. Yummy snacks and coffee were also being sold to support the Outpost.

Lipbone Redding performed first, showing everyone his great vocal talents. Not only did Redding have an amazing singing voice, but he could mimic sounds of a trumpet, bass guitar and drums, all while playing the guitar. Playing six songs, the audience got involved through clapping and singing along. Redding’s style of music was country blues with some incorporated jazz.

Music and wine
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Redding started out as a subway musician in New York. Through hard work and effort he has made it to where he wants to be.

Sierra Noble featuring Chris Air was up next. Both musicians sang and played the guitar, but Noble also had a violin. Noble’s songs were sweet, cute, relaxing and very easy to listen to. Originally, from Winnipeg, Canada, this country-rooted singer has made it all the way to Montclair.

Noble started touring at age 13 as a fiddler. She only began touring as a singer/songwriter at the age of 17. Noble opened for Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney and Kid Rock with her song “Possibility.” That song brought her to New York. Her last song of the night, “Rebel Song,” featured Montclair High School’s very own Passing Notes choir team.  As Noble and Air sang, Passing Notes chimed in the background with beautiful melodies.

Rebecca Jordan was up next, a young singer/songwriter from Brooklyn who has written songs for well-known artists, such as Kelly Clarkson. Jordan has a more contemporary, modern sound to her music that is lovely and fun. Jordan has a very nice voice and great stage presence. Getting the audience involved, she had everyone snap their fingers to support the beat of her songs.

Closing the show was Jann Klose. Klose sang and played guitar, and he had his friend accompany him with the electric piano and accordion. Their outfits were very 70’s; he performed one of his songs featured in the film Greetings from Tim Buckley and a variety of other songs, including “Doing Time” and some new songs off of his new EP Mosaic.

As this season of Outpost in the Burbs concerts comes to an end, the Season Finale tri-bill will take place on June 7. Tickets are on sale for $22 before the show and $27 day of, featuring music by the Jammin’ Divas, Bobtown and Tall Heights.

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