Pig and Prince Restaurant and Gastro Lounge

If you're looking for a unique and worthwhile dining experience, be sure to check out Pig and Prince in Montclair.

Unmatched dining from Pig and Prince.

pig and prince
Photo courtesy of Pig & Prince.

For all people in search of an unmatched dining experience in Montclair, Pig and Prince Restaurant and Gastro Lounge is the place to try. Consistently diverse and ever changing, the menu at this eatery pushes our average, everyday standards and exposes us to something new. Offering an inclusive 12 course tasting with pairings, Pig and Prince tempts us to come hungry and ready to experiment. Enjoy progressive French cuisine made with local, sustainable food at 1 Lackawanna Plaza. The opportunity will not let you down.

Founder and Head Chef of Pig and Prince, Mike Carrino, opened the gastro lounge after a successful prior project called Passione. This first restaurant put Carrino on the map for his innovative style and dedication to local sourcing. After selling Passione, Carrino decided to open Pig and Prince in August 2012. The fourth anniversary of the restaurant shall arrive shortly, much to the pleasure of the devoted guests Pig and Prince has drawn thus far.

Although the menu changes every couple of weeks, guests can expect to eat delicious food all year round. With fresh, new options through the seasons, diners enjoy a range of choices from seafood to locally raised, all natural beef. Chef Carrino believes that quality is the secret to success. In his own words, accountability is key. He cures his own meats, frequents local farmers’ markets, assists local greenhouses and monitors all livestock that eventually makes it to the Pig and Prince menu.

“My focus is on sustainability and local sourcing,” said Carrino. “I don’t believe in the term ‘farm – to – table.’ In general, chefs need to be responsible for the food they are producing. It’s not about making money. It’s about bringing food to people – the hospitality of it. That’s my mission: source the best quality produce in the closest reach. Whether it’s New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, I’m looking for the quality in the process of production. I choose GMO-free. That’s most important to me.”

Pig and Prince offers an extensive dinner/drink menu as well as the numerous  brunch options. The eatery itself is surprisingly located in what was actually a train station. Instead of tearing away this little piece of Montclair’s history, Carrino decided to bring it back to life in a charmingly modern way.

“I had the chance to reintroduce a space that was forgotten. The pictures on our website do not do it justice. There is an enormous amount of history here. The chain stores that were here before me weren’t showing off the space to the community or breathing any life into it. The art – deco architecture creates such a sense of timelessness. Deciding to utilize a space so many people tried to cover up was a golden opportunity for us. I’m proud to say I had something to do with this station’s reconstruction,” stated Carrino.

For the future, the chef plans to continue to produce cutting – edge cuisine for Montclair residents. Their biggest event of the year – a giant Oktoberfest celebration – arrives at the end of September. Guests can learn more about Pig and Prince at their official website, www.pigandprince.com. Contact 973-233-1006 for more details.

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