PLANETCIVIC: The New Way of Interacting

PLANETCIVIC has created a launchpad that allows an incredible group of people to work together to better serve your own individual community.

PLANETCIVIC allows you to stand by the issues that are important to you!

PLANETCIVIC founder Javier Guardo showing Alma Schneider how to create her “bus buddies” proposal. Photo courtesy of PLANETCIVIC.

PLANETCIVIC recently launched on Mon. Nov. 21, making Montclair the very first community to experience a new social media platform designed to transform the way citizens interact with local governments and each other. Javier Guardo, Founder, has made it the fastest way for Montclair citizens who have ideas for their town to prove the numbers behind their proposals.

Many residents have probably thought of great initiatives to improve their neighborhood, but have become overwhelmed with the busyness of their lives that they decide it is better off to simply give up.

For example, Alma Schneider, a Montclair resident who has proposed a bus buddy system to prevent bullying and promote better social interactions on our school buses says, “I have so many ideas and concerns but limited time to carry them all out. PLANETCIVIC is a great way to galvanize people to make our town better. It’s a quick way to bring the important issues to the forefront. It makes it easy and inexpensive to start a local movement, so underrepresented members of our community can have a voice.”

PLANETCIVIC has created a platform that empowers the collaboration of you, your community and leaders, who are truly passionate about serving the community, to run quite smoothly. Think of it as a virtual town hall. Whether your issue is narrowing the achievement gap or placing a flashing stop sign at a dangerous corner, it gives you the tools to inform likeminded neighbors and rally support for your cause. One of the most revolutionary things about our system is its simplicity. It can take as little as 10 minutes to create and share an initiative.

PLANETCIVIC  differs from other social media platforms in important ways: hyper-local, accountability, voting, leadership, and top ranking. For more details on these distinguish characteristics, check out their DNA. They have even created a short video on their website for a more interactive way of learning about their company.  

“Leading global teams in my previous professional life has been tremendously helpful. Because companies are only as good as the people they work for.  I am fortunate to say that all people involved in this journey are incredibly talented, hard working and passionate about it.” said Guardo.

On Jan. 19, PLANETCIVIC will present Montclair’s Top 5 Initiatives at the Town Council meeting so they encourage Montclair residents to register now to find out about their neighbors’ proposals or to even submit their own!

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