Players: Student-Run Organization

Students at Montclair State University have the opportunity to create and perform theatre through Players.

If you want to be involved in theater, Players might be the place for you.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Schieder.

For almost eight years now, Players has been bringing a wide array of theatrical productions to the Montclair State University campus. All shows are completely student run, from beginning to end. This means that all talents, from writing to performing, are completed by students during each stage of production. Players puts on a wide range of shows each year, including musicals, dance works, straight plays, talent shows, cabarets and improv nights.

Each year, Players puts on four main stage productions. These include: a drama, a musical, a classic and a comedy. Aside from these main stage shows, Players is also known for their annual performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show every October and M.I.L.F. (Montclair Improv League and Friends). With this variety, there is always a way for MSU students to be involved. Players gives students the chance to work behind the scenes as they can write, direct, stage manage, design sound and lighting, make costumes and work as make-up artists. Members are also encouraged to audition for productions as actors, singers, dancers and instrumentalists.

“Players has been a wonderful experience for me because it has connected me with so many other students through our love for theatre,” said member Vienna Bonato. “Everyone involved in the organization is unique in their own way, but when everyone comes together to put on a show, there is such a strong bond between the cast.”

Players, one the longest active student-run organizations on Montclair State University’s campus, was founded in 1937. The goal behind the organization was, and still is, for students to utilize their creativity and talents to produce their own shows. After succeeding among the student body for over 30 years, in the 1970s Players officially became a Class I organization of the Student Government Association. Today, the organization is thriving as students continue to entertain their peers.

“Players may seem like a small theatre group compared to the large, professional theatre department on campus, but the raw talent that members show through performance is unlike anything else,” said Bonato.

Throughout this current semester, members of Players have been working extremely hard to bring fun and exciting productions to the stage. Prior to each show, directors decide on a charity of their choice and donations at the door are welcomed. Most recently, Players raised over $100 for the Trevor Project during their performance of Stop Kiss. Students are now gearing up for this year’s musical, the satirical comedy Urinetown. More information and show dates are to be announced.

Play a role in Players today! MSU student or not, admission to shows is always free. Audience members are advised to arrive earlier than “on time” as seating is limited. To get involved as an “official member,” undergraduate students at Montclair State are encouraged to visit the Players Office, downstairs in the Student Center. Members of the community are welcomed to attend any and all performances.

Please visit their Facebook for more information on upcoming events.

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