Plum Bakery on Thanksgiving

Plum on Park on Glenridge Ave. in downtown Montclair is now offering a menu of Thanksgiving treats made to satisfy everyone at the Thanksgiving table.

Plum Bakery offers gluten-free Thanksgiving treats!

plum bakery
Photo courtesy of Plum Bakery.

Plum Bakery is a 100 percent gluten-free off shoot of the Plum on Park Restaurant, and is offering a menu of gluten-free items to satisfy everybody at the Thanksgiving table. The bakery, which opened in October 2015, prides itself on making gluten-free versions of classic bakery items, from breads to breakfast pastries and even custom cakes.

Gluten is a protein composite found in things such as wheat, barley and rye – common items found around the Thanksgiving table. Typically, gluten is avoided by those with gluten-related disorders, such as coeliac disease  or wheat allergies, as it can cause major health problems for those with these and other disorders. A gluten-free diet has also been known to help those with irritable bowel syndrome or multiple sclerosis.

This year, the bakery designed a Thanksgiving menu that will allow people to pre-order gluten-free treats in time for Thanksgiving dinner. The menu, which can be found on their website at,  consists of classic staples like stuffing mix (which comes with a family recipe), dinner rolls, pumpkin pie and also  non-traditional seasonal favorites like apple cider donuts, eclairs and key lime pie.

Some other Thanksgiving staples on their menu include mini pumpkin cakes, cranberry apple crumb pie, cream puffs, pumpkin spice swirl loaf cake and cornbread.

According to Elizabeth Ferguson, a Jersey City resident and frequent patron of Plum Bakery, the bakery is the first of its kind in Montclair. “I was so excited to finally be able to go into a bakery and get whatever we want without the worry of getting sick later,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson is not alone; several Facebook users left reviews on the bakery’s Facebook page, the lowest being four stars out of five, with pictures of goods and comments about how the bakery is helping the large gluten-free community in Montclair.

Now with its Thanksgiving pre-order menu, the bakery will be able to help even more people enjoy the Thanksgiving treats they love without getting ill. All Thanksgiving order must be placed by Saturday, Nov. 19 and can be made in the shop or by calling 973-509-7586.

Aside from Thanksgiving, Plum Bakery offers gluten-free items year-round. Their extensive menu includes breads, rolls, cookies, pastries, muffins and even pizza. For more information about the bakery or to see the Thanksgiving menu, visit the bakery’s website at or on Facebook at Be sure to place your order today for a great, gluten-free Thanksgiving meal.

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