Poncho: New and Improved

Ponchos are an old trend that have been turned into a comfortable, simple fashion choice and can be purchased at Talbots on Valley Road.

The poncho makes its return to fashion.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Remember a few years ago when no one wanted to wear a poncho? When the poncho was among the least trendy fashion pieces in existence? It served only as an outer layer item, designed for warmth rather than style and carried a “baggy and unflattering” reputation because of its loose nature.

Thanks to celebrities Cara Delevingne, Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (who were all spotted wearing the same Burberry poncho), the look’s bad rep has officially changed. Models debuted the new, improved and super stylish poncho on the Fall 2014 Burberry runway. But, the aforementioned celebrities were one of the first to take the trend to the streets. Shortly after, the fashion forecast predicted the poncho would stick around in the coming years. Sure enough, here we are in 2015 and the poncho is cooler than ever before.

What we failed to see during our “anti-poncho days” is the garment’s bohemian-folk combo and versatility. Though it is lightweight, the cozy material is ideal for a brisk fall day or a frigid winter morning. Additionally, the poncho is a one-size-fits-all statement piece – it’s never too tight or uncomfortable. In reality, it seems there is little to dislike about this trend.

So, how do we wear a poncho without looking like we’re wrapped in our favorite blanket? It’s all about styling your lower half properly. Over-the-knee boots and flirty dresses are the poncho’s best friends! Because the poncho is bulky, it’s important your body appears slender from the waist below. A fitted dress gives this effect, while over-the-knee boots add drama and distract from the volume of the poncho. If it’s too cold for a dress, don’t be afraid to add stockings or sport a pair of tight skinny jeans. Again, tall boots work best for this look.

A ton of stores offer the poncho, but Talbots on 574 Valley Road in Upper Montclair has a particularly good variety. They tend to feature slender ponchos in order to create the utmost flattering silhouette. With colors varying from navy to white to plaid, it is not hard to pair this item with the rest of your wardrobe. Don’t let former misconceptions of the classic poncho sway you; this trend is a must-have.

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