Pure Pita: Healthy and Wholesome Options

Pure Pita offers fun, vibrant and healthy food right here in the great town of Montclair.

Pure Pita cultivates cuisine enjoyable for all!

pure pita
Photo courtesy of Joseph Michalitsianos.

For those looking to enjoy fun, vibrant and healthy food this summer, look no further than Pure Pita. Pure Pita is a “fast casual” restaurant designed to bring freshly made food to you quickly and efficiently. Although places such as Hoboken and Morristown have enjoyed Pure Pita’s food for years, Montclair has been lucky enough to get its very own at 446 Bloomfield Ave. The Montclair location has a very convenient online ordering system for a quick pick up, or stop in for a bite while you explore Montclair’s bustling downtown center and Church Street’s array of stores.

The concept of adopting and cultivating a restaurant on the booming, fun food culture of southern California in the early 90s was formed in 1993 under the Pita Grill brand. The restaurant has sought to bring mediterranean cuisine with an “Americanized” familiar twist ever since then. A unique quality to the brand is how accommodating the restaurant is in many facets. The menu seeks to encompass all those who enjoy good food, from vegans looking for a delicious falafel meal, to meat-lovers chasing after a piece of succulent rotisserie chicken or marinated lamb stuffed between a piece of warm pita. They make great food, and they want to make sure everyone can experience that. Their #ExpressYourself bowls are a great testament to that. The option of complete customization when it comes to your meal gives a sense of control and freedom that is refreshing to see in a fast casual restaurant such as Pure Pita.

On top of this, Pure Pita also has a very resourceful and efficient catering service. The service combines their most popular foods with a presentation designed for all to eat and enjoy. The catering service is available in Morristown, Montclair, Hoboken and Jersey City.

Customers, such as Shelly Yovine, are consistently pleased by the reliable service at Pure Pita. “I love the selection there, along with the ingredients,” said Yovine. “I started going here a few months ago and it’s perfect for lunch breaks.” This is no unique opinion. During lunch hours, the restaurant is frequented by residents. For dinner, many people admit to loving the takeout option.

However they like it, Montclair residents have proven they have a love for Pure Pita.

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