Radio City Rockettes Visits Montclair

While interviewing Rockette Alyssa Epstein, we learn the Radio City Rockettes will honor Montclair Bread Company in their "make time for joy" initiative.

Radio City Rockettes will be recognizing Montclair Bread Company as part of their ‘make time for joy’ initiative! 

radio city rockettes
The Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes on 11/10/06. Photo courtesy of Paul Kolnik for MSG Entertainment.

Have you ever been interested in seeing and potentially meeting the spectacular Radio City Rockettes? Here’s on your chance! Visit the Montclair Bread Company on Wednesday, Sept. 21 from 3 – 4 p.m. as they will be presenting the company with a certificate of excellence. This event is free and open to the public.

The Radio City Rockettes are currently embarking in a “make time for joy” initiative. The Montclair Bread Company was singled out for this as it’s a beacon in the community, a place where family and friends can gather to spend quality time as well as enjoy a few delicious treats! It’s absolutely the perfect place for the Rockettes and the community to take the time during their busy schedules and spread a little joy!

As the Montclair Bread Company will be honored for their contribution to the community, they will also be adding a holiday doughnut to their menu during the Rockettes visit.

Luckily, I had the privilege to have a quick Q&A with no other than, Rockette Alyssa Epstein.

Q: How long have you been a Rockette? What does it mean to be a Rockette?
A: I have been a Radio City Rockette for 11 seasons. Being a Rockette is a life-long dream come true. Aside from dedication, practice, hard work and determination, I credit my grandmother for my becoming a Rockette. Growing up in Livingston, N.J. made the commute to New York City very easy when I was old enough to start going to the theater. I was eight years old when my grandmother first took me to Radio City Music Hall to see the Christmas Spectacular and ever since that moment, I have worked hard with the goal of to performing on the Great Stage. I am part of a legacy and a tradition and am honored to stand alongside a group of talented, strong, beautiful and amazing women! The Radio City Rockettes bring so much joy to people of all ages – the young and young at heart – and I often think about the little girls in the audience watching the show for the first time and falling in love with the Rockettes just like I did so many years ago!
Q: What does the phrase “make time for joy” mean to you?
A: To me, the phrase “make time for joy” is all about creating memories. We all lead busy lives and the holidays are the perfect time of year to slow down. It’s the memories created with family, friends and loved ones that will stand the test of time. The Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes has been creating priceless moments since 1933 and when we “make time for joy,” we help the audience and our fans create memories that will be with them for years to come. We’re so excited to visit Montclair Bread Company because it is a place where the community gathers to “make time for joy” and we want to celebrate that!
Q: Since you’re a New Jersey local, what do you love about Montclair in particular?
A: Montclair has everything right at your fingertips. There is an amazing art museum, fabulous restaurants, plenty of parks and an amazing theater at Montclair State University!
Q: Since you’re visiting a bakery, what are some of your favorites sweets?
A: My favorite sweets would have to be donuts, donuts and donuts! I’m so excited to be visiting Montclair Bread Company [this] week where they’ll be serving a special holiday donut in honor of the Rockettes visit. I also love black and white cookies and a classic apple pie.
Q: As the holidays are getting closer, what can audiences expect from the Christmas Spectacular, especially if one has never gone?
 A: From the moment you walk into Radio City Music Hall, you will be immersed in Christmas magic! Only at Radio City, the largest indoor theater in the world, can you experience this one-of-a-kind production and as the stars of the show, the Radio City Rockettes perform their signature precision technique in the classic “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers,” which has been in the Christmas Spectacular since the first production in 1933! The finale number “Snow” and fan-favorite “Rag Dolls,” where Santa’s enchanted workshop comes to life on stage, take our athleticism and technique to new heights. There’s something for everyone! It’s truly a place where you can let the world slip away for 90 minutes and create lasting memories with your family, friends and loved ones.

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