Relocation Insurance for Your Family or Business

Take the stress out of moving with reliable insurance provider, Relocation Insurance.

World-wide company Relocation Insurance is headquartered here in Montclair.

relocation insurance
Photo courtesy of Gadi Binness.

Every year, people lose millions of dollars in the process of moving. Truck accidents, train derailments and other small disasters occur and priceless cargo is lost forever. To avoid damage and loss, thousands have trusted insurance companies like Relocation Insurance Group. Based out of Montclair, Relocation Insurance Group offers a wide variety of programs for local, domestic and international shipments.

Locals have relied on Relocation Insurance Group for over a decade to protect their belongings in transit or in storage. Whether you are hiring a full-service moving company or renting a truck yourself, Relocation Insurance provides the coverage you need. With competitive rates and a responsive, reliable team, this company has been trusted for almost 13 years. Their ultimate mission is to be the most convenient and informative insurance resource for families and businesses worldwide.

After working in the moving business for years, the owner of Relocation Insurance, Gadi Binness, decided to open his own company—one that functioned entirely online. Relocation Insurance Group utilizes technology so that clients may purchase a service and receive a confirmation of coverage in minutes from their computer. Thanks to its convenient nature, the company has expanded from basic moving insurance to coverage for housing and commercial cargo.

Although based out of Montclair, Binness has found business all over the world. “We go pretty much everywhere,” said Binness. “We have affiliates in the Far East, China and Africa to accomplish our international importing and exporting needs. Because this company operates virtually, the Relocation team is all over. I can hire great people from all over the country—I’m not confined or limited to hiring in the area. We have great employees in California, Missouri, New York and Colorado.”

World-wide coverage is something Relocation Insurance is proud to offer although Binness is committed to providing the same quality moving insurance on a more local scale. “I’d say about 85 percent of our insured cargo is shipment within the United States,” said Binness. “I love Montclair. I live here with my family. My office headquarters is here. I work with business coaches, financial coaches and design companies in the area. There are so many creative people in Montclair that the town definitely supports the business. I’m always happy to serve people in my community.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Relocation Insurance, visit their website at Whether this is your first time using moving insurance or not, this team can find the coverage that is right for you.

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