Rihanna Brings Her Look to MAC

This week, the fabulous pop star Rihanna launched her new makeup line, “Riri Hearst MAC” fall collection in Hong Kong, Japan

Rihanna teamed up with MAC for her unique fans.

It’s no surprise Rihanna has linked up with MAC Cosmetics. She’s becoming (or already is) very iconic and MAC is widely known for their unique, one of a kind, amazing products. At her launch in Hong Kong, the bona fide beauty star looked stunning.

 The Caribbean beauty from Barbados had previously launched a few lipsticks at MAC signatured Riri, as seen on her famous red lipstick “Riri Woo.” This time, however, she is launching a complete makeup line, with eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip liners and more lipstick.

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Rihanna is evidently a trendsetter. Her style in fashion has been seen as an inspiration to many young adults and teenagers, including celebrities. Her perfect lips adorned with such a bright, alarmed red have broken the mainstream of simple makeup, and it has started a bold revolution (think Miley Cyrus).

There is no doubt that this new line will be an inspiration for many to try on a different look or take on the pop star’s very own appearance. Keep in mind that her new fall collection will be available for sale online on Sept. 30, available in MAC stores Sept. 26 and in all other locations Oct. 3 through Oct. 31.

Rihanna also has a clothing line that was finally made available to the public last week on River Island. Due to the high influence she has in “high-street fashion,” Rihanna is being extremely smart in marketing her fabulous looks.

Her fans appreciate her even more when she gives them a way to feel more connected with her through her personal style, aside from her music. I’m more than positive this works great for the market and personal economy of certain companies, but Rihanna personally broadcasts her style and makeup on social networks like Instagram when she “rocks it,” making it much more personal than just a selling signature line, and that’s what’s catchy!

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