Robin Trower at the Wellmont Theater

Esteemed British guitarist Robin Trower will make his way to Montclair’s Wellmont Theater on April 15.

The show will include Robin Trower’s hits and his solo work.

robin trower
Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

Robin Trower may not be a household name, but for musicians and fans of some of the most pivotal years in rock and roll, Trower is exalted. Luckily for Montclair fans of Trower, he will be playing at the Wellmont Theater on Friday, April 15. The British guitarist makes his first ever trip to the New Jersey suburb, and brings with him all the mysterious and dreamy riffs that made him a legend in the rock community.

Keeping a lower profile than the typical talented, progressive guitarist, Trower has breezed through the decades, releasing over 25 studio albums with his band Procol Harum and as a solo artist in a career that has spanned over 50 years. His 1974 album Bridge of Sighs garnered him global recognition and fandom after it peaked at #7 on US charts.

Trower’s consistent and passionate sound has transcended decades as he has retained a strong following ever since his days in his first band, Procol Harum, in the late 60s. Procol Harum was important in the formation of symphonic rock during the 1960s. The band implemented influences from blues and classical music, a progressive technique at the time that gained the respect of many within the musical world.

Procol Harum’s 1967 hit, “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” propelled the group to widespread fame. The single has stood out for years as one of the only singles to sell over 10 million copies. Trower gained further respect and fame for being legendary guitarist Robert Fripp’s teacher. Fripp has consistently been ranked as one of the best guitarists of all time, and has collaborated with artists such as David Bowie and Peter Gabriel.

As for what Montclair fans can expect, Trower’s live performance has been hailed as riveting and well-constructed. Trower has been known to weave his way through strings of his hits, such as “Day of the Eagle” and “Too Rolling Stoned.” The Wellmont Theater’s acclaimed sounding and acoustics will provide perfect resonance for Trower’s Hendrix-esque rhythm and electricity.

Vonn Monaghan, a longtime Montclair resident and avid guitarist, thinks Trower’s trip to Montclair has more significance than entertainment. “For people like me, kids who grew up on the fringes of big city rock and roll, Trower is a big deal to us,” said Monaghan. “He gave so much to music. He’s what we all really want to do.”

The same stapled esteem seems to have followed Trower throughout his career. While he may not have shattered charts and sold out stadiums, he has quietly gone about his business, business that has given music more time and effort than perhaps any other guitarist alive. The show on April 15 will be a special event for Montclair residents to witness and remember. The show will start at 8 p.m., and parking can be found on Bloomfield Avenue or the parking lot next to the theater.

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