Sales: Post Holiday Season

Although holiday gift shopping may be over, it's time to take advantage of the sales to pamper yourself!

Sales that will reward yourself.

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The shopping madness for holiday gifts is over. You probably received some amazing gifts this Christmas, but it’s time to pamper yourself a little more. January is the best time to use some of that cash that was waiting for you under your Christmas tree. In case you didn’t know, the best time to shop is now, post-holiday season! There are massive sales happening as you read this article just about everywhere, but I’ll be giving you a head start on the top stores to visit before you head to the mall.

One thing you should keep in mind is that although winter is almost over, buying sweaters and boots for the next winter is never a bad idea. Also, much of our winter gear is still in style during the spring—it’s a win/win deal when it comes to post-holiday sale shopping.

Macy’s is having a three-day sale event, but you might want to check your local Macy’s retailer, because date locations vary. Some of the sales that happen are in-store and are not as widely promoted as their famous one-day sales. Take my word for it; I used to work there!

What might you be interested to check out? You can start out with their boots. Many of them go on sale and are on their way to the clearance section—you definitely want to keep an eye on any favorite pair. Jewelry also goes on sale and makes its way to the clearance tower as well. Many of the must-have statement necklaces are marked down to about 75 percent off, and you can use coupons too. If that’s not a deal, what is? This also applies to clothing pieces and handbags.

H&M is also having massive sale blowout. The cool thing about H&M is that now you can shop online. You’ll find cardigans, dresses, jeans and dress pants for $15-$20. There are also selective boots on sale too. By shopping online you avoid the sale in-store mess, which can give us a headache sometimes, after spending hours looking for something hoping to find your size. You can also check out Forever 21 online for sales too.

Kohls has a sale event this weekend where many things are 50 percent off and on top of that you can use a 15 percent off coupon at the register that is sent via e-mail. If you don’t have one, no need to worry, just ask for it at their registers and done. Kohls has great celebrity clothing lines like Lauren Conrad, Candies and Jennifer Lopez amongst others.

A final tip for your post-holiday season shopping: head to the mall, not down the avenue. Boutiques might have some sales, but not as big as stores you’ll find at the mall. As the spring season approaches, New York is getting ready for another fashion week, and the stores are eager to get rid of everything to make room for the new anticipated styles!

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