School of Rock Montclair

School of Rock Montclair is a non-traditional approach to music lessons for all ages that is sure to produce rock stars!

Transition quickly from lessons to the stage at the School of Rock, here in Montclair!

School of Rock’s performance-based music lessons are becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Montclair and its surrounding communities are very lucky to have a school located right in our own backyard. School of Rock Montclair provides quality music lessons for students of all ages. From young children with big dreams to adults interested in picking up an instrument for fun, School of Rock Montclair has something to offer for all. From the various programs of interest and skill level to the countless types of instruments students can learn, the opportunities for success are endless.

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“I think that the School of Rock is the closest you’ll ever come in an educational format to the reality of the music world,” said Matt Sandoski, School of Rock Montclair’s franchise owner.

The School of Rock Montclair’s Rookie Program is for the young beginner. Aspiring rockers in the first and second grades will learn the basics of pitch and rhythm through games and activities. This program sets up your young musician for the Rock 101 Program. Here students will chose to focus on one instrument: guitar, bass, keyboard, drums or vocals. No longer will children dread practicing because this program is nothing close to traditional or boring. Students learn the fundamentals of music theory and how they can be applied to the popular songs they are familiar with hearing. The weekly private and group lessons reinforce students’ skills and give them the opportunity to move on to the Performance Program when they are ready.

In School of Rock Montclair’s Performance Program students learn how to effectively transition their skills acquired in the lesson room to the stage. They learn the importance of teamwork and collaboration that comes along with being in a band, as well as how to excel as a solo artist. In this program, students will gain a great deal of education as well as appreciation for musicianship. They receive private and group lessons on a weekly basis, leading up to stage performances at various exciting venues. Following successful performances, students have the amazing opportunity to audition for the School of Rock AllStars. Upon acceptance, the group will tour the country performing just like a famous band would. This is truly a unique aspect of the program that sets it apart from any other music school.

The instructors at School of Rock Montclair are not only educators, but also professional musicians. Through weekly lessons, talented instructors share their expertise on creating music, as well as how to make it in the real world as a star. Students are taught primarily rock and roll, as it seems to be the genre that comes to mind when hearing the term “rock star.” These young rockers get to perform exactly what they want to play at historic venues nationwide for live audiences. School of Rock provides not only musical learning experiences, but also life lessons to their students. Performance-based music lessons are they key to becoming a successful musician and can found locally at School of Rock Montclair.

Interested in becoming a rock star? It’s not too late to begin the exciting journey as a musician. Visit for more information on lessons and upcoming performances.

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