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Discover: Sights & Sounds in Montclair at Basemeant Wrx on Jan. 24 presented by Seed Artists and many other co-presenters.

Proceeds will help fund Seed Artists’ children programming.

seed artists
Photo courtesy of Chris Napierala.

Are you a music fanatic? If so, attend an inspiring day of music presented by Seed Artists, Hominid Music & Arts and The MC! The Seed Artists is non-profit based in Montclair presenting dauntless methods of art and music. The Hominid Music & Arts is an event production vehicle. The MC is a new media platform in town built with great group musicians, techies and social-media gurus. The MC will also be recording the event covering music, interviews with artists and audience members, to create their very own first podcast.

These co-presenters have complied, Discover: Sights & Sounds, to open people’s ears, eyes and minds to new music and art. The presenters aimed to build and strengthen the community by gathering people around the arts. There will be an art activity for the kids, as well as free wine, beer, juice and finger foods.

Chris Napierala, Creative Director of Seeds Artists and Executive Producer of Freedom of Sound festival, is a strong advocate for generating opportunities for musically talented children. “Beyond supporting children’s music and arts programming, people who join us at Basemeant Wrx on Jan. 24 are going to experience exceptional, invigorating music and art, and hopefully walk away having made some new friends,” said Napierala. “If the James Brandon Lewis Trio doesn’t get to you, might be time for a doctor’s visit.”

He is also the founder of the Hominid Music & Arts and The MC. Napierala is a long time resident of Montclair with wife, Trae, and their nine year old daughter, Sadie. He has worked nearly 20 years as a criminal mitigation expert as he conducts psychosocial profiles of defendants, alternatives to incarceration.

Expect to hear James Brandon Lewis Trio, the headline musician, to play ’90s hip hop. Lewis actually lived a few blocks from Napierala in Buffalo! Peter Bodge, whose jazz portraits hang in the Smithsonian is Napierala’s father in law. Not to mention, Bodge is a walking jazz encyclopedia and his stunning linoleum-block jazz prints will be visible at the event. To our surprise, Napierala also met filmmaker, Joel Katz, known for the acclaimed documentaries, Strange Fruit and White: A Study in Color, a few years ago at a backyard barbecue in town. The documentaries explored the shocking history of the anti-lynching song that Billie Holiday made famous.
The venue, Basemeat Wrx, is located on 124 Walnut Street in Montclair and their phone number is 973-842-7473. Admission rates for adults are at $15, students with ID at $10 and kids 12 & under are free. Please note an additional $3 fee will be applied if tickets are purchased at the door (except for kids.) Purchase your tickets soon due to limited space. For more information and details in regards to artists and ticketing sales, please visit and/or call 862-621-9761.

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