Shan Image Consulting: A Montclair Treasure

Shan Massucco, founder and CEO of Shan Image Consulting and Shan Beauty, puts her customer’s individuality first.

Shan Image Consulting offers more than your average salon.

shan image consulting
Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

Shan Massucco is a creative hairstylist with a breathtaking story. Early on, Massucco knew that what she wanted to do in life was make people look and feel beautiful. She earned her license as a cosmetologist right out of high school. A New York trained stylist, Massucco became an accomplished hairdresser, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylist all in one. Over the past 35 years Massucco has styled celebrities in all of these areas of design.

Then one day things changed Massucco’s life forever. While she was driving her kids home she suddenly collapsed. Massucco was rushed to the hospital where she was told that she had a pulmonary embolism that traveled through her system, resulting in a heart attack and stroke. As Massucco describes, “that should have killed me.” Doctors detected that this was caused by the skin care products she was using, in hand with the blood condition she was unaware she had. The toxins within the various products she was using were what triggered this as they were absorbed into her skin.

Later, Massucco found out her daughter held this blood condition as well. Realizing that she was not the only one that could be affected by these toxins, she searched for organic and toxin free beauty products, but there were hardly any. This triggered something in Massucco, and thus, Shan Beauty was created.

Shan Beauty is a luxury line of organic skincare that is toxin free. These highly effective products were created for anyone to use whether or not they have allergies. These products range from her Creamy Moisturizing Cleanser to the Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Treatment, to her Green Tea Hydrating Serum. This line of products delivers better results for your skin than those that have toxins. They are available here in Montclair at her boutique salon.

I personally have tried a few of her cleansers and moisturizers and I feel good and relaxed using them because I know they will not harm my skin and they will be effective. I honestly cannot say that about any other skincare product.

Not only has Massucco created her own luxury line of skincare, she has an incredible vision for hair, makeup and wardrobe. She created her own company, Shan Image Consulting, because she doesn’t go by the book. She prefers to take time to discuss the look that the customer really wants. “I want to give people their own individual look,” said Massucco. “I listen to what my customer wants and I incorporate what I know to help them reach what they want to look like to feel great.” She specializes in corrective color and unique haircuts.

Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.
Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

When you walk into Massucco’s salon, she is confident that you will leave feeling positive about your look. Having her own salon, Massucco is able to experiment with color, giving her customers exactly what will look the best on them. She creates a signature formula for each client. Whether you get your hair colored or not, understand that this is a special skill that comes with years of experience and experimenting. This philosophy of a custom approach doesn’t stop with hair. Massucco is able to mix various kinds of makeup as well as nail colors to find what will suit you best. She does the same with wardrobe too. Massucco is a custom blender and gives you what you want and what will look best.

Shan Image Consulting is located in a beautiful building at 605 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair. Shan Beauty products can be found here as well. If you want to feel confident about your individual hair, makeup, color, wardrobe or skincare, give Massucco a call (by appointment only) at 201-220-3072.

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