Shatner’s World Comes to Montclair

On Oct. 14, the Wellmont Theater will present ‘Shatner’s World,’ an exciting insight into the heart, mind and soul of beloved performer William Shatner.

Shatner’s World is a one-man show with as much charisma, charm and candor as the esteemed man of the hour.

Photo courtesy of LiveNation.

When in doubt, take the audience “where no man has gone before.” At least, that’s the plan for William Shatner. Whether you know him as Captain James T. Kirk from the original Star Trek franchise or even simply as the Priceline Negotiator, the famed TV and film personality has spent his life becoming a bit of a household name. However, on Oct. 14, Shatner will literally bring that name right outside your home with Shatner’s World, a one-man show penned and performed by the prestigious leading man himself!

After an unforgettable run on Broadway, Shatner has decided to bring his sharp humor, witty persona and memorable stories across the globe, even managing a one-night stop at Montclair’s very own Wellmont Theater. What makes Shatner’s World so intriguing, especially for those who aren’t as familiarized with the legend’s work, is how it manages to take you along the hero’s journey and build itself into a narrative. In other words, William Shatner breaks down this autobiography (of sorts) into a story that has you on the edge of your seat from curtain rise to curtain call.

Another way that Shatner keeps you entertained is his versatility. While the actor might try out his stand-up chops for some very laughable bits, he even goes so far as to sing his way through certain ballads of sentiment and nostalgia. Shatner’s World, hence, is a great opportunity to see Shatner literally do it all (and do it extremely well). Better yet, he manages to incorporate all of these elements with ease, making each minute of the 90-minute program feel more memorable than the last.

“With Shatner’s World, I think it’s amazing that someone with such a vast history will be performing so locally,” said Jacob O’Brien, both a 19-year old Montclair State undergraduate and a long-time fan of the Star Trek series. “William Shatner’s a large and iconic part of media history, and he will always be at the heart of American science fiction.”

Even at 85 years old, Shatner is a shining star in the dark abyss of Hollywood. He continues to thrive on the lovable persona that had us falling for him from the get-go. And, if Shatner’s World plans to show us anything, it’s that sometimes experience can easily be followed with a strong sense of bliss. Luckily for us Montclairians, Shatner has both the experience and the bliss to back it up.

As Shatner would say, it’s his world. We just happen to live in it.

To purchase tickets, one can visit the Wellmont Theater (located at 5 Seymour St. in Montclair) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. for its limited box office hours. Call the office ahead of time, if need be at 973-783-9500. Furthermore, tickets for the Oct. 14 performance (8 p.m.) are also available online at

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