Shopkins Trading Figurines

Shopkins are the new craze with young kids, and an upcoming event at Learning Express Toys will allow children to trade their Shopkins with each other.

Shopkins are all the rage.

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If you have been hearing whether it’s on the news or by word of mouth a new trend with young kids is sweeping across the nation. They are called the Shopkins, they are little figurines that are in the shape of general store items such as food and makeup. They have been a great success with young kids and are now entering their third season of production with all new characters that are in limited supply for people to collect. These little guys are becoming very popular with young kids and stores are reporting that even they are having trouble keeping up with the demands.

Now where can you get your hands on these Shopkins for your kids? Well, a great place to check out is at the Learning Express Toy’s store in upper Montclair. As quoted from their website, “Learning Express is the nation’s leading franchisor of educational toy stores. To date, there are more than 130 locations across the country, each one locally owned and operated. These local stores are dedicated to providing quality toys, expert staff, exceptional customer service, and community support through fundraising—the keystones of the Learning Express brand.” For more information or to view more of their products, visit the Learning Express Toy’s website at,

Now what’s special that Learning Express does with these toys is that every Tuesday at three they will be hosting a special event. At this event your kids can come in with their Shopkins and trade them with other kids from around the area. Not only do kids find these little characters entertaining but they find them highly collectible as well and want to trade them with their friends.

What has been in the news recently on this topic is the nationwide event that this company is hosting. This is the National Shopkins Trading day, which will be hosted on Saturday, Sept. 12 at each of its stores nationwide. The free event will be held 1 – 3 p.m. local time. Not only will this event most likely be very profitable to the fast growing company but also be great publicity as well.

So when the day comes when your child comes running through the door saying that they want Shopkins, you know where you can go to purchase them. At the same time, explore an amazing store that not only wants your kids to have fun but also get a educated experience from their toys as well.

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