Sigrid Morgan Landscape Offers a Variety of Architectural Services

Sigrid Morgan Landscape’s main priority is to provide their customers with a well-crafted blueprint for both short and long term goals.

Sigrid Morgan Landscape makes properties unique.

Sigrid Morgan
Photo courtesy of Sigrid Morgan.

Sigrid Morgan Landscape, located in Caldwell, consists of licensed professionals with years of formal education and apprenticeship. The business strives to illuminate the individuality of their clients’ property. Their mission is to demonstrate both the potential and uniqueness of the property that they are working with. Collaborating with architects, engineers and construction contractors, Sigrid Morgan Landscape offers architectural services from master planning and site design to construction administration.

Sigrid Morgan, the owner of Sigrid Morgan Landscape, started her own residential practice 15 years ago and has been in this field for over 20 years. In the beginning of her career, she focused on large public parks, memorials and botanic gardens. Morgan then progressed towards residential landscape architecture due to her admiration for the collaborative process with the homeowner and immediacy of construction.

“The field of landscape architecture is broad and synthesizes so many disciplines such as art, horticulture, soil science and engineering,” said Morgan. “I really embraced that about the profession.” Morgan also admires that this profession combines logic with creativity and consists of problem solving. “It’s one thing to get storm water to drain away from your house.  It’s another to find a way to highlight the storm water and make it a feature, whether it’s by planting a rain garden or building a beautiful articulated channel that becomes a fountain when it rains.”

The Sigrid Morgan Landscape team have the technical expertise to design retaining walls, pools and ponds, prepare grading and drainage plans, design lighting plans, and detail complex masonry, metal or wood construction. They incorporate unusual plants with striking colors and textures in order to deliver a lasting interest. Every one of their projects is unique. Some of their time is spent table drawing while other days are spent observing the site.

“The days that the plants arrive at the site are my favorite,” said Morgan. “I am out there with the construction crew, laying out all the plants by hand and adjusting the layout and composition.  It’s like a box of paints.”

Sigrid Morgan Landscape focuses on creating gardens that are most suitable to the client. It is imperative that the garden demonstrates the personality and desires of the client. When unable to express what they want, Morgan explained, “We have to be very attentive and sensitive to what they say and don’t say, what ideas they respond to, and what clues we can mine from their home, neighborhood and lifestyle.” Their experience and creativity results in constructing a landscape that is incredibly meaningful and significant to the client.

Last year, Sigrid Morgan Landscape was awarded with the Highest Design Award from the US Perennial Plant Association because of their project in Morristown. This award was given for creativity in planting design and emphasized new cultivars, bloom succession and seasonal interest.

Morgan is incredibly optimistic about the future of Sigrid Morgan Landscape. “People are really looking to make their homes a sanctuary, and the yard is essentially the largest ‘room’ in the house,” said Morgan. “ We treat the landscape as an extension of the architecture, so the living space increases exponentially.” She further added that gardens provide wildlife habitat, increase sustainability and biodiversity and are peaceful environments for the homeowner.

For more information about Sigrid Morgan Landscape, you can call 201-247-5626.

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