Siobhan Finlay Earns Senior Spotlight

Montclair High School Senior Siobhan Finlay is working her senior option at Sew Montclair until she heads to Boston to study architecture.

Siobhan Finlay designs in sewing and architecture.

siobhan Finlay
Photo courtesy of Eve Mahaney.

While many Montclair High School seniors have decided to take on internships offered at office spaces or more corporate environments to fulfill their senior option, senior Siobhan Finlay has opted for a more creative position. For her senior option, Finlay will be working at Sew Montclair, a small, local boutique run by Chelsea Harriman, located on Glenridge Avenue.

Because of the wide variety of internships available to seniors looking to work during the senior option program, Siobhan Finlay took advantage of Montclair High School’s databases to secure her position. “I went onto the school’s CIP database and found the contact information for my internship,” said Finlay.

During Siobhan Finlay’s  time at Montclair High School, she has been able to explore her creative and academic pursuits, becoming involved in several different clubs, such as the Architecture Club, where she served as president, and the Sisters on the Runway Club, serving as treasurer. Because of the more creative nature of Finlay’s internship, the extracurricular opportunities she was afforded at school definitely paved the way for her senior option.

“I was involved in Sisters on the Runway, which puts on a fashion show every year to raise awareness about domestic violence,” said Siobhan Finlay. “In addition to giving back to the community, the club’s focus on style has definitely helped me develop skills that have come in handy at my internship.”

Everyday, Siobhan Finlay completes a variety of tasks at the boutique, such as rearranging materials, organizing and working on sewing projects. “It’s definitely a very physically demanding job, which can be challenging at times,” said Finlay. “I’m on my feet the whole time, doing whatever Chelsea needs around the studio. I’ve been working on a few sewing projects around the studio, too, so my sewing skills from middle school are definitely coming in handy! Right now, I’m working on making some new throw pillows and a new slip for the couch in the studio.”

Although the work can be tiring, Siobhan Finlay is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside a small business owner in such a creative space, as she hopes to incorporate some form of creative work into her career pursuits later in life. In the fall, Finlay will be attending Wellesley College right outside of Boston, majoring in architecture and minoring in economics.

“My ideal job would be anything that is creative,” said Siobhan Finlay. “I’d love to be in the architecture field doing anything from restoring historical sites to designing sustainable and green buildings. I’d love to find a way to fit my love of art and fashion in there, too.”

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