Skin Care for the Summer

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing is difficult during the summer, but there are products that can keep your skin looking great!

Skin Care is important in the heat of summer.

With all the harmful rays from the summer sun, this is the most important time to take care of your skin. Expensive lotions and scrubs can be bought at many locations, some of these can make skin too oily or not give it the proper nutrients it needs. There are some great products that those in need of some deep skin treatments should immediately check out!

Summer skin care
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One of the biggest companies that is becoming more and more popular is Canada-based Lush and their fresh, handmade cosmetics. Almost all of Lush’s products are vegan, organic, fresh and not tested on animals. Most of their products are also completely safe for children, since many are made of fresh ingredients.

There are a few products from Lush that I absolutely recommend to anyone. My skin is usually very sensitive and can get dried out if I don’t treat it right. However, their Fun left my skin feeling – and smelling – amazing. Fun is a product that has multiple uses, such as making a bubble bath or washing your hair and body. Additionally, Lush encourages you to play with Fun, as it’s completely mold-able; Fun looks like a giant Tootsie roll, and is definitely worth the $7 to purchase it. Rub it on your body, in your hair or crumble it into your bath and soak your skin. There are a variety of colors and scents that Fun comes in, and all have different uses. My personal favorite is Blue Fun, which mixes lavender and chamomile for a soothing, bedtime bath.

Another great product to smooth feet is Lush’s foot scrub. Walking around in flip-flops or going barefoot in the backyard might leave your feet rough or cracked, and this scrub will solve that in (in my experience) one use. Rub the green block all over your feet, scrub it in and get that rough skin moisturized. Your feet will be completely smooth in no time!

The closest Lush store to Montclair is in the Garden State Plaza Mall, but all of their products are available online. However, if you are in need of immediate skin assistance, look no further than Chelsea Square on Valley Road! Since 1978, this shop has offered countless lotions and other body care items perfect for any skin type!

Some of the many products Chelsea Square offers are: Mason Pearson, Kiehl’s, Crabtree and Evelyn, the Art of Shaving and Ahava. Chelsea Square is the perfect local solution to summer-beaten skin.

Between heat, UV rays, sunburn and dehydration, be sure to take care of your skin this summer! Find that perfect lotion to help re-hydrate the dry patches and soak in organic bath salts and bath bombs to keep your skin feeling smooth and smelling great.

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